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Aug 10, 2007
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Hi all :)

I have "ported" (a simple compilation) David Joffe's Dave Gnukem to the Pandora !



Grab it on the repo while it's hot !


New in build #1

- Dave Gnukem 0.66 (latest git commit from November the 3rd 2016)
- Compiled with @ptitSeb 's Code::Blocks
- Added tweaks to the Makefile: new "install" target, -DDATA_DIR is set to /mnt/utmp/davegnukem-magicsam/data, etc...
- Source code is inside the PND

Known bugs:

- The display is way too small (even with @notaz ' improved SDL) (fixed in build #3)
- Don't set Jump and Fire to either (Y) or (X) (buttons used to raise / lower the sound volume) (fixed in build #8)


- Provide a default key configuration (fixed in build #2)
- Compile the level editor (I couldn't get it to work so far) (available in-game, press F5)
- Add C4A support ?

Cheers, Magic Sam
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I played both Duke3D and Duke 1&2, always thought it was a big gap between those.
However I liked Duke 1&2, so I image this will be nice to play to. Thanks for porting.
I checked the sources quickly. It does render with sdl. Try to remove the "-f" from you command line maybe (you don't need to force fullscreen with using omapdss driver, it will be fullscreen anyway), or maybe add the -640 to force 640x480 (but I haven't checked if it resize anything).
Hi all :)

@ptitSeb: I already tried all possible combinations of SDL_OMAP settings, and none of them work. The shape of the game window does change, but not the size.

Could it be an upstream bug ?
2016/10/09 - Version 0.6 (0.60)

• Take the 2015-08-01 v0.56a EMH release from SourceForge, create github project https://github.com/davidjoffe/dave_gnukem
• Fixed 'tiny game window'
• Fix some Linux compile issues, make a few other fixes/improvements (streamed on LiveCoding), call it v0.6 ('un-abandoning' project - DJ)

Cheers, Magic Sam
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Thanks again, Magic Sam.
I seem to have a similar history like @TeDaDeS, I played Secret Agent and DN1 on my first DOS PC and DukeNukem on the GBC (still my favorite), and this clone is new to me, great to have on the Pandora now :)
I actually never noticed there was a Duke Nukem for the GBC, it also looks nice but appears not to be for sale anymore (2nd hand I mean). I also played Secret Agent and I remember playing BioMenace a lot.
Bringing back all kind of good memories <3
Ok @Magic Sam , here you go:

I have made a small change, and here is the diff from the git
diff --git a/src/graph.cpp b/src/graph.cpp
index b4bc300..7057989 100644
--- a/src/graph.cpp
+++ b/src/graph.cpp
@@ -162,6 +162,7 @@ bool GraphInit( bool bFullScreen, int iWidth, int iHeight )

        //--- (1) - Front buffer
+       iWidth = 320; iHeight = 200;
        Log( "DaveStartup(): djgOpenVisual(w,h=%d,%d).\n", iWidth, iHeight );
        if (NULL == (pVisMain = djgOpenVisual( bFullScreen?"fullscreen":NULL, iWidth, iHeight )))
then I launch it with
SDL_VIDEODRIVER=omapdss SDL_OMAP_LAYER_SIZE=640x480 ./davegnukem
et voilà, fullscreen (black bar on the side, because I prefer to preserve the ratio).
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Nice, just tried this out and it is indeed fullscreen on my 1GHz unit. A nice simple scrolling run-and-gun game with platforms rather like Duke 1 with none of the fancy stuff from Duke2 like being able to shoot up or crouch, but with better audio than the DOS game.

I found it locked up if I hit credits after playing a game, but this is still beta software, so perhaps I just have to remember not to hit credits. I'm not particularly a fan of having music volume controls on the X and Y keys, as I kept tweaking the music level while playing accidentally. These also don't seem to be configurable.

But it's certainly a more than promising start, and definitely worth playing.
Hi all !

@levi : thanks for the kind words :)

I have just reached level 4, what about you guys ?

EDIT: I have sent an email to the author, David Joffe.

Cheers, Magic Sam
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Telling you the truth, I´m still in 1st level, I fail to get the green key, an exact jump is necessary and more exact shooting right before so that one stump stays ;) tried to underclock CC Pandora to 400 MHZ but it doesnt get slower ;)
Well, I second what Levi writes about the music+/- because I have configured the bottom key for jump, which i try in all platformers, so the music gets down after one minute, but it´s no issue for me since I mostly play silent anyway ;)
Will try on!
PS. A very nice gesture to thank the author for a game :)
Hi all, I'm the original author, this is great to see :) Am reading the feedback keenly - any and all feedback welcome.

Would be nice to try integrate any source / Makefile change etc. into the master repo.

Regarding fullscreen vs the tiny window, the default behaviour on Windows etc. is a bit odd, not fullscreen, but to try make, basically, a window that is 'the largest possible window that is a multiple of 320x200' .. which probably doesn't make sense for a console .. that probably has something to do with the fullscreen issues.

an exact jump is necessary and more exact shooting right before so that one stump stays

Off the top of my head, I wonder if the trickiness might be related to this issue: github.com/davidjoffe/dave_gnukem/issues/3

I found it locked up if I hit credits after playing a game

Hm, hadn't noticed this before on Windows or Linux etc. but will have a quick look to see if there's any obviously duplicate-able issue here in master...not sure if general issue or port specific. (*Edit* Hm, not immediately obviously reproducible on Windows)