Danger Quest

t money

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Nov 7, 2009
now that i got my hands on the caanoo, i've made changes to danger quest. splinter had been kind enough to port it to the caanoo after he had made the bennu runtime, but i've made improvements to make the score/multiplier visible on the caanoo. i've decided to, at least for now, nix the music, as the ogg files were contributing to some massive slow down. there is apparently some problem with the touch screen driver at the moment (which GPH are working on). that plus playing the ogg files was making playing the game a bit ugly IMHO.

i've uploaded the newest/best version to the archive. when ED has a chance to update it, it's version 1.3: here

i also believe splinter was planning on uploading danger quest to fungp as a free download, i'm not sure if he's planning on putting eek, and puzsion on there as well, but there may be some user made content on fungp in the next couple of days.


Still Fresh
Sep 6, 2008
Looks like a great game, reminds me of the older RPGS on the PC, like The Summoning.
I can't wait to get my Caanoo and download this.