GP2X D-pad Mod Request


Still Fresh
May 27, 2006
Hi all, I wondering if anybody in the community has a D-pad modding service or
modding 2x's for other members? I have a 2x that I would like fitted with a good D-pad mod.
I've seen some interesting upgrades over the past several months. Surely someone
out there can mod a 2x for a fair price $$$ B)
I would like this too, but the problem is that whoever offered to do this would be responsible if the GP2x broke or got lost so it is not a risk anyone individual would like to take. A company could do it but it would obviously cost more as they would have insurance and tax to cover.

Most of the time the stick doesn't bother me too much, but in Pac Man on MAME where the stick is the only control it is annoying how bad the joystick response is.