Craig's selling more Pandoras on Ebay for £135

@Esso: You have no clue who Fatih is, do you? ;)
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I don't think so. The seller has sold a lot of various electronics stuff and repairs and the picture shows a black Pandora, whereas Craig usually uses silver cases now.
Have you seen the item location?

Might be one of his pub mates.
Hey! I have the PERFECT solution! How about, we go to newcastle, form an angry mob, get some torches, and go to his backyard? ok ok i'll stop, i just needed to say it.
Let's come Together!

Right Now...

'Oh Yeah'

In Sweet Harmony...

Bring torches and pitchforks ;)
Now, now, now...I know you are all joking ha ha funny and all that, but we really don't want to leave anything that looks like you are actually trying to incite violence or something like that lying around on EDs servers. You all know that, right?