Still Fresh
Dec 25, 2010
Hello, this is a very strange situation I got into so please read this entire thing

First off here is the system info

Version 1.2.6
Firmware Linux 2.6.24 R: 359

So I ran A ini maker on my device to make short cuts to my programs.

After that most of my emulaters dont work, the built in games and flash games dont appear, and every time I reboot the device all my settings (like time) is reset. I dont know if it was the ini maker that did it but something fubar'd it.

I was playing in the settings and some how I did manage to get all the stuff on the nand (like the built in games) to reapear and my emulaters to work but after I rebooted sure enough im stuck with the same problome and I dont know what I did in the settings to make that did that. I think it was a fluke.

Any body got any suggestions?

Maybe the NAND is corrupt?
sounds like NAND corruption. that often comes from non-safe disconnecting your wiz from the PC. i think someone should make that sticky - as it's 90% of the problems people have this times, and the answer is always the same: Don't touch the NAND, use an SD card instead.

Oh well, to get your Wiz NAND back, you need to reflash the firmware.