Commercial Apps Now Accepted On The Repo


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May 18, 2009
Rotherham, UK
Hi Everyone,
I have been working hard since I got back from replay and the fruits of my labour have come to bare at last.

If you wish to sell your applications it is now possible to do so via paypal and their Instant Payment Notification API (which I have integrated into the repo).

The best thing about it is (as EvilDragon wished it), OpenPandora GmbH or OpenPandora ltd do not take any share of the money you make from selling applications on the repo (Paypal take their cut but that's it).

So if anyone knows of any developers (maybe including yourself) that have been holding of releasing any apps for Pandora as there was no revenue stream, you can tell them that this situation has now changed.

of course it all has to be above board so there are some simple terms and conditions that must be respected.
  • You may only sell applications you have the full legal rights to do so (including the rights to use any graphics and audio you may have used).
  • You must provide all relevant license information in your PXML (both license type and URL to the source code if required). If your software includes intellectual propery that is not your own (including audio, graphics and video), you must have acquired a license to use them in your software and include that license as well.
  • We will provide distribution of your commercial application at no charge. We only act as an agent for you. Therefore, you (the Seller/Vendor) are responsible for any problems or disputes between you (the Seller/Vendor) and the customer (buyer) and have to solve them.
  • Any illegal content provided within your application will result in removal of your application from the repo and appropriate action taken (informing the relevant parties i.e. copyright holders of infringement).
I have also put together a simple PDF guide to help developers set up their Paypal account to work with the repo, it also guides you through the process of uploading and enabling the application to be sold on the repo.

As a developer you can also download your transactions as a CSV file, but that isn't in the pdf guide, you can do this for individual apps only by going to the application administration page and clicking the download link, or for all applications by going into your account details page and clicking the download link.

of course the link will only appear if you have had any sales.

If you find any errors or bugs please let me know asap so I can squash them :)

good luck guys, and god bless :)
Sure why not, just follow the guide to make it available, also try uploading a non commercial demo version too (if you have one) which people can try, you could add a link to the demo in the additional info section of yor full commercial version :D if you need any help let me know.
I don't have a demo for the game :(
A video demo is valid (from youtube) ?

Another cuestion, I need to send a reg file after the client buy the game and execute the game for first time, so the user send me a serial and I send to him the exclusive reg file for the game (is my DRM system).
Can the same page of sell disponibilize this service ?

Erm, well there is no DRM on the site, but it will only grant access to the download.pnd file when confirmation of payment is recieved. But you could add some instructions to the additional info section if thatshow you roll :D