Colour scheme for marketing / logo?

I like the wrench idea boot screen thing...

I've one idea too for that but have a mad hangover head right now so not going to turn on my laptop and do an example :) I'll probably vomit

But thinking of;

Just the [Y] wrench and the cube/nut showing to start, then the wrench animates by rotating clockwise around the nut, revealing the other letters and cubes as it rotates full 360.

...if anyone knows the intro for The Good Life, where the bird reveals the flower petals... I'm thinking bit like that but pivoting around the cube bolt of course.

Know what I mean :)
Too much free time on my hands  :)

It's amazing how much little alterations to colour can change a logo.

Maybe he is, and maybe's he's now "officially" the graphic designer, hence why not just joining in with everyone else.

That's purely speculation, though it wouldn't surprise me if true.