"Chipmunking" songs!


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Mar 8, 2008
Time for a completely ridiculous thread from me... :p

I was going through a bunch of old cartoon intros from the 80s recently, including the one from Alvin and the Chipmunks, so I started to play with Audacity a bit, eventually finding the perfect settings to get a pretty authentic chipmunk-style sound from regular MP3s.

The best sound can be gotten from using the pitch-shifting tool, with the direction set to "Up", and setting the "From:" field to "A#/Bb" and the "To:" field to "A" (the "Percent Change:" field near to the bottom should now read "88.775").

Obviously, this does affect the sound of the music a little bit, but choosing songs that it works well on is just part of the fun! Some fantastic results can be had from Meat Loaf and Queen, for example.

It's downright hilarious, and I guarantee that anyone with kids or young relatives who enjoyed the recent movies will probably be able to find some fun in this. :p

Has anyone else messed with this lately, or, well, ever? Got any good song recommendations? :p
No, actually. It's not a game I ever got working well... :p

Hilariously, the song in that video is the one that I just chipmunked two minutes ago. :lol:
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I HAD earlier just watched the Hedgewars trailer but I'm afraid to say, that since Cher did something similar many moons ago (that was repeated ad nauseum on every conceivable form of media at the time and seemingly since), I can't mask, that I can no longer believe in chipmunking love after anything in life and I had to immediately mute that trailer aswell.

Nice to know how to do so with Audacity though, as I can therefore make a mental and physical note to never do so accidentally with the said controls :)

This might benefit from said treatment though...(and I seriously recommend not listening to it)

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I just did the with 'Remember Yesterday' by Hammerfall.

Hilarious results.