Casual Android players - Battle?


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Mar 9, 2010
Anyone play any fun Android games that are multiplayer and allow invite?

Want to play sometime?
I know timezones might be an issue here for some of us...

Fun Run 2 is good imo, I haven't installed it on my latest phone and just noticed it again as I was looking through my uninstalled apps on Google Play.
If anyone here has it or wants to get it and up for the challenge, let me know

Was looking at Worms 4 too, but looks like can only invite friends via Facebook, so I guess that might be an issue/problem for some too?

Or anyone else playing anything else, which you want to share, and perhaps me and others can come join you on there for a fight/race/quiz/whatever-it-may-be...
Only one we play is One Card!, it's a clone of UNO the card game, allows you to add friends and invite them to games.

Doesn't require FB.


Showed Jane the video of Fun Run 2 and she was intrigued enough to install it so she may want to play if she likes it.
Kool! Let her get some practice in first so she stands a chance ;)
It is fun, and one of those games where the touch screen controls suit it... A lot of games I like the look of but can't get used to on screen only controls, when want something on the phone