Can we have a dedicated competitions section for the forum?


Can't Remember
Aug 30, 2010
Can we have a dedicated competitions section for the forum?

IMHO C4A could do with a dedicated area of the forum. It would make sense to put this in a competitions section that would also include stuff like the dragonbox coding competition & future competitions.

In the C4A section we could have threads for :

C4A Release itself


Help skeezix add Mame games

How to make any game.pnd support C4A

Reporting suspect scores

Requesting Games to be added

Each game that is added, for hints, boasting & general discussion

Any 'official' competitions


C4A brings a whole lot of friendly competitive fun to the Pandora scene and certainly merits its own corner of the boards. Hopefully this would also bring in a few more players.

I've got to say it's been a genuine pleasure to watch how this whole project has taken on a real community feel, from my perspective it has been a perfect illustration of everything that is good about the Pandora & Pandora scene.  :)
I'd like to misemploy this thread to express my vote on merging the two support sections again. I don't see any benefit coming of keeping seperate sections, but its unnecssarily cumbersome to watch two sections if you want to be "supportive"
Merged the two support forums, renamed and archived the Coding Competitions stuff in order to make place for new ones :)

I also created a Compo4All forum in the Software section.

Don't you think that's enough? The instructions you mentioned above should probably be pinned there instead of having their own subforums :)