Can the wireless link up pick up FM signals ?


May 20, 2003
Leicestershire, UK
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Can the Wireless link up pick up FM radio with a bit a frequecy fiddling in software? if so would it be possible to write an FM Radio tuner program ? Just thought it would be a nice idea to round off the already massive feature set of this little guy. Movie/MP3/Games/Emulation/Pic veiwer/addressbook/soon to be netbrowser + FM radio. Aslo if i overclock the nuts of it could i use the CPU as a toaster? ;)
Don't think so, I think that it can only recieve/send in the short range band (I think that it does it in the same frequency as normal wirless phones (the type that only work in your house, not the everywhere ones)). Even though I might be 100% wrong, I think that I am right ;) :D :lol: :p
"2.4GHz ISM band" as listed on the play asia site...

is well outside the 88-108Mhz range for broadcast band FM.

I have this suspicion that if the wireless link used anything even near broadcast band FM it wouldn't get an FCC approval.

Does anyone have additional details on how it works? I assume being in the 2.4Mhz band it would be DSS type-a-thing but it does say "4-channel".
converting a 2.4Ghz rf circuit into one that receives in the FM band somewhere wouldnt be trivial. It would also be rather heartbreaking since the circuit design @ 2.4Ghz is usually hardcore, but to receive FM broadcast band can be done on vero with radio shack parts.

i'd guess it connects to the GP using a serial connection so, even if someone managed it, converting the data into audio would be a pisser. Remember those FM radio addons that plugged into the PC parallel port?

Does any one who has one of these wanna pull it to bits and show us the innards?? gooo-on it's in the name of science. B)