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May 8, 2012
In 2007 EA released C&C3:Tiberium Wars for PC, which although it was a pretty good game seemed to lack the spark and atmosphere of Westwood's previous Tiberian Sun and Firestorm games and also took the cannon and storyline in a different (less good) direction as is shown by EA's subsequent C&C releases.

in 2008 Jiri "Carnius" Chalupa released the first version of his mod "C&C3: Tiberium Essence" which used C&C3's game engine to tell an alternative storyline where both GDI & NOD continued to develop technology for the Tiberian Sun Era and took the cannon in a much more Westwood-esqe direction, creating something similar to what C&C3 would have been under Westwood Studios development. Unlike most game mods Tiberium Essence is very well balanced and complex aswel as being beautifully made and this mod continues to grow and develop to this day. It's really a labour of love for all fans of the original Westwood C&C games.

Tiberium Essence can be found here:

Recently Carnius is testing community opinion of redesigning the Harpy attack-helicopter for NOD, (no-doubt many of you remember this from Tiberian Sun) replacing its chopper blades with a kind of VTOL internal fan propulsion system. Please Help us preserve the original Harpy and its variety for the Brotherhood by following the link above registering for the boards, downloading this excellent mod and voicing your support for VERSION 1 of the Harpy Model. Please Kane & preserve the Brotherhood's heritage, and maybe i'll see you guys for some online games (PM me).

Peace Through Power
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