[Caanoo] L'abbaye Des Morts


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Jan 8, 2009
I have published the final version of my port of this very nice game, a remake (in C and SDL), of a original Game Maker game by Locomalito
Is based on the code by nevat ( for the linux version available here http://code.google.com/p/abbaye-for-linux/) and doragasu (for the Pandora version ) , i have only added button controls and created a package for Caanoo.
UPDATED on 05/Apr/2013
Download here
the new 1.11 version is here http://dl.openhandhelds.org/cgi-bin/caanoo.cgi?0,0,0,0,27,873
this version have fullspeed and is compiled using the new 1.11 version of the code by nevat.
the old and not fullspeed version is here:
The controls are :

DPAD = Move directions left/right/down (to crouch) ..up is not used

X = jump and start the game
B = jump

HELP1 = change gfx from 8 bit to 16 bit

Y = in the main menu show info of the game.
The game is a bit slow but playable.  Now the game is nearly fullspeed.

I will upload a video of Caanoo and GP2X version soon...
Uh thanks ;)  here is mine with Caanoo and GP2X F200 there also a Pandora but i cutted from that video to speedup upload time on YT:
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No sorry a save function is not implemented...maybe i could ask to the author of the linux version.
I have talked with nevat and we made some change in code so now the game is having some speed up and the gp2x version is playable like on the caanoo.
On the next days i think to release new versions ( i need to implement proper diagonal control and volume control on gp2x anyway).
Stay tuned :)
Just updated the archive with a new version for Caanoo (hope to see updated soon).
In this version i have fixed a bug that allowed to jump when you are crouched.
Now i have added B for jump so now you can use X or B to jump.
Trying to gain some more speed i have tested to init SDL with a 22050 sampling rate (to gain some cpu cycle) but with this the sound effect didn't sound good (to be honest the only jump.ogg sound is playing strange) but for this version i have reverted to 44100Khz so we colud gain some little speed but maybe in a next version.
Anyway the speed is really improved from the last revision.
Much better, thanx !
Time for the pandora to go from the 1st room of the church to the right : 5.7s
7.1s for the caanoo.
Caanoo version is much easier this way :D