c4a - now with highest-best and lowest-best support - feel free to test, and devs need to clarify th

so I take it my opentyrian c4a port isn't a concern if it's not on your list.. 

No one plays it anyway...
Enough with the begs :)

Didn't turn up in grep, since I guess it was early on and before the 'ordering' attribute was even added? At any rate, they don't have an ordering, so are defaulting to highest-first; that correct?

Yeah, I think it may have been one of the first none MAME titles.. 

But yeah default is fine.. 
Apologies if not the appropriate thread, but I think it may be -

I noted over on the Not PacMan thread, that - possibly prompted by problems discussed on the same page there - on c4a's Not PacMan scoreboard:


Under the default 'current month' display it's showing only a selection of older scores of mine* - and nobody elses! Clicking on 'All-Time' will produce all the actual current scores for the current month. The High score under the Not PacMan marquee on the main page is also the incorrect one from the now incorrect current month selection.

*Not PacMan / Metal Slug, after c4a was restored yesterday, have (for me only it seems so far) been re-submitting older scores with the current date, resulting in many duplicates flooding submissions.
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