Building A Computer

the celeron sucks BALLS
DONKEY BALLS to be exact
If he wants to game, get a real procesor
you want to DOOM 3 it up ?
Get an Athlon XP 2700+ or higher, up to a 3200+ barton, great socket A AMD chips
however, If you want longhong to run its full potential, get a 64 bit chip, the A64 3000 or 3200 will more than meet your needs
Intels are weak next to AMD's in gaming because gaming is CPU INTENSIVE
its known that AMD's put out a lot more operations than Intels in a clock cycle
thats why a XP3200+ (2.2- 2.4 gig) outdoes a 2.8gig and sometimes a 3 gig P4 with twice the bus-speed in everything but on-the-fly video editing, which average people don't do much ( and Intel barely won by teh way )
so, just keep that in mind

hey i just got a celeron 2.8 after my pentium 3. Its much better IMO
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Cases that look cool are stupid, alsos lights, WTF. Im gonna use my old beefcake of a case when I upgrade, might clean it and reatatch the sides at some point though, and take those foam sticker things off :unsure: