Booting To Sd


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Jun 27, 2010
Milwaukee, WI, USA
running full HF5 on my Pandora and ran into an odd "problem"... when I put an SD card that has been formatted with HF5 into the left SD slot, the system automatically boots into the SD install... my issue comes where I wish to do some stuff with the Arch option that wejp has blessed us all with and I am unable to. When I hold the right shoulder button at boot, my options are:

default boot
power off
USB serial prompt
serial prompt

I don't get the "Boot to SD1" option that I'm sure I saw a while back when I first got my unit... I'll be contacting wejp to make sure I extracted his image properly, but aside from that, I wanna make sure I'm not missing a feature I had before (or whatever the case may be)...
You have an autoboot file. That will cause it to always automatically boot to the SD card. The R trigger menu is looking for boot file. Rename autoboot to boot and it will default back to booting to NAND and "boot from SD" will start appearing in the menu.
so my assumption was right that it wasn't an "issue" but a "feature" that I just didn't recognize... :p Thank you... not sure if I should mark this "Solved" as I was unsure from the beginning on whether or not it was an actual problem... :)