Blu's To Arrive On Thursday...!!!


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Jun 3, 2004
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Hi Guys,
I got my Zodiac from GBAX 2 weeks ago and was so impressed with both the console and GBAX that i decided to update my GP32 FLU with a new BLU gp32_console .
I phoned GBAX today to and UPS Delivery have "CONFIRMED" (We can just hope) that Craig and the gang at GBAX will be getting the BLU delivery on THURSDAY. So i,m guessing we should start receiving ours AFTER SATURDAY depending on when we preordered and how tired the guys get doing the 166Mhz conversion OVER 24 hours after the delivery.
By Monday - Wednesday NEXT WEEK i am guessing most of the GP32 BLU's may well have reached us all.
Respect to all Craig & the gang at all their hard work...

Ok , Zodiac and BLU in the bag , right , now , what can i spend me pension on next...???
Anyone up for a smash 'n' Grab on the PSP Handheld Console Warehouse..?? :blink:
Or what about the Nintendo DS Secret Delopment laboratory..?? :rolleyes:
I have the floor plans for both and my trust walking stick to jam open the door,
and i can pick the locks with me spare set of dentures.
Don't worry about CCTV , my GP32 has special evasion powers programmed into it , that i learnt during the battle with the desert rats in 1943.
God bless Monty.
You guys just bring the pushbikes , sandwiches (Spam & marmite please) and the booty bags...LOL...
See you there at Midnight....
Watches sychronised...
Davey Fontan.
Original Mystical Ninja... :ph34r:
Well it might be sooner actually, but were being on the safe side, but they will start shipping to customers on Thursday, quite possible they will all be done by friday.

And i'm a bit pissed at how long its taken for them to arrive, since virgin started shipping on monday last week to some big stores.

don'y have to mod them to 166mhz, bec&use the blu ones already can go up to 200mhz ^^ . Nice advertising bullshit this free modding :)
WTF, thats why people are getting BLUs, some can oc to 200mhz? Damn, maybe I should ditch that ebay auction I won and buy a BLU.
Relax- only a handful; of people even have blus as it is so this whole "200Hhz" think is really shaky at the moment. I'm sure not all oc nearly that high. Knowing gamepark they probably dont even go to 133 lol.
@galomir- Thats a pretty ignorant thing to say, dont ya think?
I wish Gamepark would of uped the ram on the blu's really be cool if they really could go 200mhz and have like 32MB or even 64MB of ram that would truly be awesome

:( Highest my GP32 to can OC to is 156 :(
FWIW, Futura-Online (Spain) shipped my BLU today, according to DHL. Should be here this week, fingers crossed...

a guy on gp32spain tested his blu up to 200Mhz. Anyway, it rebooted after some seconds. 176 ran correctly without booting
If they really could go up to 200Mhz I would go order one this very second imagine OS9XGP Ocing to that speed every game would be at fullspeed with sound B)
FWIW, Futura-Online (Spain) shipped my BLU today, according to DHL. Should be here this week, fingers crossed...

Are you is the US? If so I guess they will ship to the US then? How much was everything w/shipping?

I pre-ordered mine from GBAX, the good news is they will be guaranteed by GBAX to go to 166 (will mod if needed, free) , the bad news is I wont have it until next week (Virgin shipping delay) :(
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nothing says that blus are overclocking any better than normal gps/flus, there are also enugh normal gp's/flus that go over 166 mhz, 172-180 mhz is a next speed step that some units get, and someone reportet a 200mhz (non blu) gp.