Blue Angelo Is Out!


Dec 22, 2002
Today i received this email:

Blue Angelo is now available for your GP32!

The only official game translated into english,german,italian,spanish,portuguese and french!!

Official websites:

If you want order Blue Angelo, you can use:

-Bank transfert (send us a mail in order to get the bank informations)
-Credit card (
-International postal money order
Adress: Shibuya Game
22 avenue saint barthélémy
06100 Nice


Big Contest : "Shibuya By Shibuya"

One Blue Angelo game contains a special card inside.
If you possess this card, you win the prize

An incredible travel in Japan during 1 week.


-The air plane ticket between your nearest airport and the Narita airport
-4 nights in the Shibuya district + 1 nights at Chiba
-1 business registration in order to join the next Tokyo Game Show
-1 free passeport for the SEGA  Club Joypolis park
-1 great night in the most fashionable restaurant in Shibuya

Blue Angelo is a very limited game, so you don't need too much luck in order to win the prize!


The Shibuya team

Just wantet to mentioned it.

.. or is it a fake?
Apparently but I can't find the option, Credit card I believe to be an option only available in france but personal checks can be sent from everywhere esle I think...

Edit: The Sitwe you can buy it off or something, theres a like on the site to buy it there. But The site says release date 15 of Dec but it's only available to pre order....very conflicting...If I spoke french I'd tell them to update their site
Magellan posted on Dec 23 2004 at 02:11 AM said:
So has anyone picked it up yet?

I preordered it and they'll send it to me today (Thursday).
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Apeiron posted on Dec 22 2004 at 11:19 PM said:
It's real, and old news now.
16 of Dec it was posted on the front page
But on this Date you could ot only preorder!
Now its out!

Its costs 45€.
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I doubt that they will ever sell more than 25 units, and that we will ever find the real person who really goes to Japan and really gets the ticket for this trip from them. Sorry if I sound negative, but these guys are a real joke. They probably had to go and take a loan for this, without realizing that in real life nobody is waiting for a commercial game on the GP32. Let me know if I am wrong (with some hard numbers) ;-) Oh yeah, and the game is coming for Gameboy Advance. I am wondering what stuff they were smoking when coming up with all that.

<edit>I just realized that I actually want to sound negative about this. this is pure intention. Haven't seen such a lot of stupidity in a while.</edit>
no your probably right. The price is probably so high because they need to make money from the game or at least break even. I was going to order it until I found out that with shipping the game would be like $75. Why would I pay that for a commercial GP32 game, when the ones out now aren't even that good, when I can buy 3 or 4 PS2, Gamecube, any other system games for the same amount. I will wait for someone else to buy it and review it before I spend the money on it.

Someone really needs to goad them into making this a sellable download, with a better price. A lot more people would buy it then.