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I wish the U.S. economy wasn't so crappy right about now..... If I'm going to get Blue Angelo (boxed version, if there will ever be a download version, anyway) I'm gonna have to pay almost $80 after shipping! Not cool.....
btw forget joygp, they are going down (they cut the contact with gamepark and will shut their site down soon) source: gp32spain
Waaayyy to expensive unfortunately. The only way it will sell is if the game is actually amazing. If it's only "good" then i have a feeling it won't perform commercially.
I don't think they're intending for it to perform at all. The GP32 is a niche market and the GP32 owners who actually buy commercial games is a smaller market still. But even if it's merely 'good' I'd imagine it'll shift a few copies...not like us GP32 owners can afford to be picky!
So no chance that Blue Angelo will be offered as a downloadable any time in the future? I'm not paying $80 for what is probably not going to be a very goo dgame....
Just got an eMail from Shibuya that Blue Angelo will be shipped to me on Thursday (23rd).

Looks like the game is out and finished, I'll tell you how good it is as soon as I have it.
did anyone else get this email

Blue Angelo is now available for your GP32!

The only official game translated into english,german,italian,spanish,portuguese and french!!

Official websites:

If you want order Blue Angelo, you can use:

-Bank transfert (send us a mail in order to get the bank informations)
-Credit card (
-International postal money order
Adress: Shibuya Game
22 avenue saint barthélémy
06100 Nice
davey g posted on Dec 16 2004 at 06:05 PM said:
Click on "Ajouter au caddy" to add it to your basket. Then click on "mon caddy" to finish your order.
You can also click on the British flag on the right making most text English.
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