Back In Time Live 4 This weekend, Brighton


Still Fresh
Mar 30, 2003
Anyone who is into Retro C64 gaming and music should already know this, but for the benefit of those who do not.

This weekend on Saturday 13th September 2003, at the Brighton Centre (in Brighton funnily enough :)) is probably the biggest UK retro fest ever. Not to mention a full on Rock concert with all your favourite retro musicians, even playing live!

For more information head on over to the official site for the event here:

Or book tickets online here:

See you all there :)

PK [StudioX64]
Damn! I wish I could go to that.. I live in Bristol so it's a bit too much of a pain to try and get there at such short notice :(
Oh well, I'll try and listen in on the internet stream and probably try and attend next year.
I'd love to go, but its a long swin to England. PPOT was there one year and I have a bootleg of it in this mess some where. I love PPOT. :D

EDIT: Damn, looks like they are gonna be there this year too. Someone record it for me. :(
I am taking my digi vid and digi cam along so I should be able to get some good footage. Keep an eye out on though as they will be publishing the official DVD of the event. It's even being filmed by a proper (expensive) film crew, with groovy lighting and a giant video wall. It promises to be a cracking event.

PK [StudioX64]