B gaming button not working


Jun 2, 2013
Hi all,

I have tried the input tester pnd and confirmed that the B button isn't registering presses. It was working then just stopped. Everything else is working fine.

I don't want to send my pandora for repair so any ideas I could try will be gratefully received.

I haven't opened it up yet but I can give the contacts a clean if it would be worth a try? It's all I can really thing of doing.

Sometimes strange healing can occur if one removes the battery [w/pandora off of course] for 15mins. then insert the battery and boot up.

Worth a try yes ?
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You can get at the key-mat easily enough you just unscrew the base and move the PCB.. the only thing you need to watch for is the LCD cable it's delicate.

My guess there is an issue with the conductive pads on the DPAD area of the key-mat it could be dirty of missing the conductive part.. If cleaning doesn't work you can just order a Keymat from the dragonbox.de shop.. 
Hi & welcome.

Pretty sure you've got a hardware problem.

It would make sense to try the software 'solutions' first, i.e. remove battery and reflash firmware.

My guess is that cleaning / replacing the contact under the B button would solve your problem. If you feel confident with disassembling a device like the Pandora then give it a go.

Good luck.
Thanks for the help everyone.

I tried taking the battery out but no luck. And of course it wasn`t until I went looking for my small screwdriver set that I remembered I have loaned it out!

Typical. :)

I will get the drivers back and update with my progress. Hopefully it`s something really obvious with the keymat.
If you can't see any obvious issues with the PCB or keymat and simply reseating the keymat it doesn't fix the problem it may be worth rubbing a  graphite pencil over the contact surface on the keymat.

- Neelix
Well, I have good news and bad news to report after I gave the pad and the pcb a wipe with a cloth and some contact cleaner.

The good news is that I don`t seem to have caused any harm to my pandora opening it up, Everything that was working still is. I noticed that the screw nearest the power switch was pretty chewed up when I went to loosen it but it still turned so no problem.

The bad news is that the B button still doesn`t work.

Neelix I so wish I had read your suggestion before diving in!

I will get a pencil tomorrow and have another go.
Thanks for the direct link. When I went to dragonbox and saw that there were only 3 in stock I bought one!

I still might give the pencil thing a try though I am a bit concerned about stripping that one dodgy screw.

In any case hopefully the new keymat will sort it out for good.
Not good news I'm afraid.

The new keymat arrived (fantastically well packaged and protected in a big box full of bubble wrap) and I changed the mat over.

B button still not working. I cleaned the pcb contacts again and had another go but still nothing. The contacts look intact.


Is there anything else I can check or do?
Just a quick update-

I tried to get the button working for a while, then gave up and contacted dragonbox.

Even though the button still wasn't working they let me upgrade to a 1G unit!

So, (incidentally no thanks at all to UPS who managed to send the package to entirely the wrong part of Glasgow, then told me I had signed for it, then admitted they were wrong, then had to go pick it up before finally delivering it to me) I have a fully working pandora again! Huzzah!