Atari Lynx (handy Tech Question)


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Jan 4, 2004
Pennsylvania, USA
In the Lynx faq the lynx is listed as having 2 16 bit custom processors named mikey and sue and a mos technologies 65c02 which is an 8 bit processor with 64k addreess space. and 64kof ram. It also claims that it can display 16 colors per scanline out of a pallete of 4096 colors and can chance the 16 colors displayed on every scan line. Is this all true? How many colors can the sprites be and why is it refferred to as a 16 color machine if it can chancge the color palllate on every scan line. Last, how can the 6502 address all the ram AND any part of the rom?

From ages ago when I looked into the lynx, there was a register that enabled you to enable various bits of hardware (susie, mikie, rom, vectors) and if there were not enabled, the addresses they otherwise took up acted just like ram.

So with careful use of that register you got the full 64KB of RAM, plus access to the rom and custom chips even though your address space was only 64KB.

Or something like that :)