Anyone Want To Trade A Pandora For Any Of This?


Jul 17, 2010
BC, Canada
This is probably never going to happen, but what the heck. Is there anyone out there who would trade their Pandora for any of this stuff:

an original-style Atari Lynx (fair shape, but the Screen is wonderful. Includes instructions. US/Canada model)
-Games with the box: Xenophobe, Gates of Zendocon, Gauntlet: The Third Encounter, Warbirds.
-Games without the box: California Games.
-The speaker is REALLY loud.
-Includes a really long AC power adapter.

a month-old PSP 3000 (US/Canada model)
-Includes a 16GB MS Pro Duo, a case, the original charger, the instructions (unopened), and the box.
-Games: Madden NFL '11 (no scratches)
-No dead pixels
-It has the firmware 6.20. No custom firmware installed (not possible on the 3000 anyway)

a Super Nintendo Mini (US/Canada model; NTSC)
-includes a controller (really responsive) and the power cable.
-Super Nintendo Games: Super Mario World
-Super Famicom Games: Ushio to Tora
-Super Gameboy

a Gameboy Pocket
-the screen is a bit scratched up. Nothing too extensive.
-Includes a Gameshark (works on the Super Gameboy), Pokemon Yellow, Tetris, and four cartridge dust covers.
-Includes two Gameboy Colour games: GTA2 (in box), and Pong.
-Includes a Mega Memory card to back up your saves. Useful for changing SRAM batteries, LSDJ or managing Pokemon saves; stuff like that. This does NOT work on the Super Gameboy.

a Toshiba T2100/260 Laptop (US/Canada model)
-Monochrome backlit screen, 500MB hard disk, 4MB RAM, no missing keys, no scratches on the screen. The mouse works well, even under DOS. The floppy drive works as well. The serial and keyboard ports also work. Haven't tested VGA and Parallel.
-a couple of cracks in the case.
-Haven't extensively tested the battery; works for at least 10 minutes.
-comes with a cord. The power supply is built-in, and supports 115-240V AC, 50/60Hz
-Preloaded with a bunch of freeware/shareware games and a couple of emulators.
-Comes with a PCMCIA LAN adapter, which you'd have to install yourself.

Some Sega Master System games (in the box and with instructions. Excellent shape.)
-After Burner
-Altered Beast
-Hang on/Safari Hunt
-Thunder Blade

Some PS1 games: (Complete unless noted. They all run. All NTSC U/C.)
-Ape Escape (includes instructions, but comes in a Digimon World 2 case.)
-CTR: Crash Team Racing
-Gran Turismo
-Gran Turismo 2 (simulation disc only; no case or instructions.)
-Jet Moto 2
-San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing
-Star Wars Rebel Assault 2 (2 disc set; no original case or instructions. It's an FMV game, btw.)
-Stuart Little 2
-Surf Riders
-WWF: War Zone

Misc games: (they all run. complete unless noted. NTSC U/C.)
-Shrek: Extra Large for Gamecube
-Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (no instructions or original case)
-Wave Rally for PS2 (missing instructions)
-Jak 2 demo for the PS2 (loose)
-Over the Hedge for Gamecube (loose)
-Xbox demo disc 49 (loose, includes Far Cry Instincts and about 9 other playable demos and video demos)

Misc items:
-e-Reader for the Gameboy Advance or Nintendo DS Lite.
-Game Genie Code book for the NES Game Genie. (In English and French. I'm reluctant to let this thing go; it holds so many precious memories, but I may do so for the Pandora.)
-DS Lite box and instructions.
-Instructions for Pokemon Sapphire, Tony Hawk's American Sk8land, and misc. Gameboy manuals.
-Gameboy Advance SP AC adapter (for US/Canada/Latin America)
-Games n' Music content disc (GnM is a multimedia/homebrew card for the DS)
-World Book Millennium 2000 Standard Edition (Version 4.0; for PC)

I was going to put my half-month-old Caanoo up here as well, but I've decided against it. Well, I'll see. It comes with everything it came with, including the box.

I can also include a DS Lite (fair condition, though it still works. US/Canada model, black.)
-Comes with the AC power adapter, an EZFlash 3in1+, and a CycloDS Evolution.

A bunch of PC games: (all loose; I'll send them in a sleeve case or something.)
-Action Games by Gold Seal Software (It's a demo disc with a whole bunch of games. Some are DOS, and some are Windows 95.)
-Adventures in Time (Windows 95/98)
-Boggle (Windows 95 or higher)
-Disney's Aladdin Activity Center (Windows 95/98)
-Disney's Atlantis: Search for the Journal (Windows 95/98/ME)
-Disney's Game Break! Timon & Pumbaa's Jungle Games (Windows 95/98)
-Disney's Tarzan Print Studio (Windows 95/98)
-Game of Life (Windows 95/98)
-Great Clips Racing (Windows 98/2000/ME/XP or NT 4.0)
-Gubble 2 (Windows 95/98. I might have the case for this one somewhere.)
-Milton Bradley Board Games (Windows 95/98. Claims online gameplay)
-Monopoly Junior (Windows 95 or higher)
-Monsters, Inc. Scare Island (Windows 95/98/ME/XP)
-Ned for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 (OS not specified, but works on Windows XP/7.)
-NHL 2009 Demo Disc (Windows XP or higher, I think. Not specified on disc.)
-Mall Tycoon (OS not specified; probably 95 or higher)
-Nascar Revolution SE (OS not specified; probably 98 or higher)
-Nascar Road Racing (OS not specified, probably 98 or higher)
-Novastorm (MS-DOS)
-Optical Illusions text/audio book
-Rollercoaster Tycoon (Windows 95/98)
-Rollercoaster Tycoon Corkscrew Follies Expansion Pack (Windows 95/98)
-Rugrats Mystery Adventures (Windows 95/98 and Macintosh)
-Scooby-Doo! Phantom of the Knight (Windows 95/98)
-Sesame Streen Search & Learn Adventures (Windows 95, 98, 3.1, and Macintosh)
-Spectre VR Classic (MS-DOS
-Starcraft Brood War Expansion Set (Win95/NT)
-Stuart Little 2 (Windows 95/98)
-Tonka Search & Rescue (Windows 95 or higher & Macintosh)
-Toy Story (Windows 95/98)
-Toy Story 2 (Windows 95)
-Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Windows/Macintosh)
-Who Wants to be a Millionaire (Windows 95/98)
-Zebco Pro Fishing 3D (Windows 95/98)

Well, I might trade some of this for a GP32 as well.


Another thing:

If anyone wants to just buy anything up here, feel free to ask!

I think I originally payed around $590 for all of this :eek: ($780 plus the Caanoo).


Jul 17, 2010
BC, Canada
DaMummy said:
ill trade one for ALL OF IT!
Wow, REALLY? Now that I think of it, I kind of over-did it. Send me a PM! I might want to keep some things.
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Jul 17, 2010
BC, Canada
gibberish said:
i'd trade for the gp32, psp, caanoo, snes2 and ds. hows that for a terrible deal :)
I don't have a GP32; I said I'd trade for one.

Actually, that sounds good. I'm in the precess of taking some (low quality) photos (lost my camera, using a webcam).

I'm kind of inclined to keep my Caanoo, but I can give you the Lynx instead. I just broke the R button on the Caanoo, by the way.

I've also added a few things, and I have some DOS/win95/win98 games to add.

There might be a problem with shipping to the UK, though... I don't think I can afford to ship that far. I'll see...

Also, my 16GB MS Pro Duo and PSP case are in the mail right now, and I'll get them in a few weeks.

Edit: Pictures:
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