Anyone know the names of these games?

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May 30, 2003
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There are two SNES (maybe Genesis?) games I do not know the names of, but remember playing from years ago, I want to find out what their names are... <_<

First one, it sounds silly, but you play as a man who's girlfriend or something gets stolen from some evil person and he turns you into an ape, and you have to play through the game like that.. If i remember correctly, one hit usually kills you (unless you have a barrier? I cant remember if there was..) :blink:

Second game, I cant remember any specific details, but it's a shooting blaster game where you're some guy (or robot) and you run and blast stuff with your gun.. and no, I'm not talking about Robotech or Condra.. Like I said I cant remember too much specific details about this game, it's been years since I played it :(

If anyone can help me find the names of these games then thanks!! :)
Thanks wave, TOKI is the first game I was looking for.. cant wait to play it on my GP32 in the future.. :rolleyes:

As for the other game, I'll try search for the names already suggested.. :)
Toki I think was on at least one 8-bit console. I can't remember what, I think PC Engine, maybe Famicom. Don't think it was SMS. It probably only got a Japanese release, so look up its japanese name if you can't find it under its english name - Juju Densetsu. Other than that, it got releases on most computer systems of the time, including C64.

Second one, too vague, and everyone is assuming it is a robot. Only game I can think of that isn't mentioned is a robot (sort of) game too - Chelnov/Atomic Runner. Oh, maybe Space Harrier. It's way too vague, but those are the only games I know where you're constantly running and you have gun/s...
toki was a cool game but unless your going to the meet up your gonna have to wait a while to play it on your gp32 :angry:
Ahh, Toki, one of my favourites from the arcades... I could complete this with 10p.

There is a version of toki on the Nes which isn't that bad. and there was a great Amiga version which might of come out on the ST but I don't know.
pubjoe posted on Aug 29 2003 said:
Ahh, Toki, one of my favourites from the arcades... I could complete this with 10p.
Wish arcade games only cost 10p nowadays you lucky ba***** you!
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Toki is available on Megadrive/Genesis, not bad version also, Usually refered to as "The Legend Of Toki - Going Ape Spit" or "JUJU" as for the other game it could be "Alien Soldier" By Treasure, Released on Megadrive/Genesis