Any Way To Get A Game Back From Joygp?


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Mar 18, 2004
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About a year ago I purchased Mill from joygp. After I played it for awhile I got bored and took it off my SMC. Then, without my knowledge, my dad reinstalled our operating system (because our comp was full of junk) and I lost Mill. I tried contacting the people there but they didn't respond. I went to the download page, and it said I could only download it 5 days after my first download so I just gave up. Now, I just went to the download page again and it says I haven't downloaded it yet and it has a link to download it. Sadly, the link didn't work :( . Is there any way to get Mill again?
Other than trying to contact Bada (he runs JoyGP) and convince him your story is true, not really.

Also - have a talk with Dad about backing up data before formatting the HD (which it sounds like he did when reinstalling). You should've been given a chance to back your stuff up before he did that.
Yeah!, He should have given you a chance to back your things up. Bloody parents. :angry:

Just do a "Format c:" on the comp, And say to you dad, "He must have done something wrong when he re-installed." :p

That`ll teach him. :D

Well, trooper, that would be a good idea except this happened at least a month ago, and my dad is a manager in the programming department for Maurices (the clothes store). I didn't bring it to the boards right away because I wanted to try to contact them but it didn't seem to work... I gave up but then decided to ask you guys.

How would I directly contact Bada? I can even show him a screenshot of my account running where it says that I purchased the game and if he doesn't believe that it's my account I can tell him the password (can't hurt, it doesn't have a credit card on file)