Any Retro-Pixel Artists Around? I Need Help Making Art For My Arcade M


Internal Development
Mar 11, 2003
hey guys,

In addition to writing emus and so on, I've been an avid arcade machine collector for too man years (since about 1990 or so?) .. mind you I'm down to only two cabinets right now (moved recently and got rid of my uprights, gotta track down some new ones one of these days ;), and one I'm doing a lot of work on lately. Converted it to both full JAMMA and also running a PC inside for MAME action, etc (original 1982 monitor and joysticks, woowoo. I've got far too many spare parts around from the years of collecting, bug anyway..)

This particular machine is a cocktail cabinet, with joysticks mounted around all 4 sides. Its in pretty good shape as I've modded the hell out of it over the years, but the original wood is started to show its age. I'm not so worried about the sides as its hard to clean that up, but I can drop in a new bezel (art on the table op arond the monitor, under the plexiglass) and and art ont he control panels.

I'll go measure it later today, but the hard part is drawing up retro video game styled artwork, so I'm looking for help.

Anyone good with making comic-book styled PAcman/Street Fighter/Space Invadery/Galaxian type 80s artwork? Could be 'Skeezocade' written in themes from those old days, or coudl be a collage of old video game chatacters.. I Can provide lots of lists of my favourites :) I just suck with making artwork :)

Let me know if you want to help and I will post some pics of the cabinet as is and whatnot.

(And if folks are interested, I might write up a giant post summarizing how to go about setting up a home arcade cabinet, etc.) Theres a few pics of the machine up on my Facebook .. I think they're globally visible, but shitty pics cause its FB :)