Any pixel artists? I'm looking for someone(s) to help making 8bit retro styled animated sprites


Internal Development
Mar 11, 2003
Its a bit premature of me to ask for artwork help as I'm still working on plain engine code (rendering in ASCII right now :) , but thought I'd test the waters and see if anyone was around, let them have a headstart..

Game is targeting Pandora + Desktops for now, but if it ends up being any fun at all, will port it over to iOS and Android as well. To keep scope down, I'm aiming for 8bit/16bit styled artwork, small sprites. Think old NES and SNES titles, with small sprites. Like Link to the Past, but not as stylized :) Think Bomberman style artwork .. isometric-top-down.

(Those are entirely unlike the game I'm working on, mind you, don't want to give anything away.. its a surprise. Many months of development still to be done.)

Anyone interested? Please, only reply if you are interested, someone who can follow through, and actually pretty useful with making artwork :)

If no replies, .. its okay, I'll make do, rip them from existing games for dev sake, and then post again months later :)