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Mar 9, 2010
Not sure if the SMS issue is happening for everyone, or just on Samsung's or something?

Two issues I'm not liking very much, and looking to turn off.

When my phone rings, it shows the usual on screen, persons name along with the 'answer/end' buttons...
...But also shows preview of the last text message had with that person.
Don't see why it really needs that, but could be a problem I reckon, if your phone is visible to others when ringing.

Only noticed this one a couple weeks ago, but when I search for some terms now in the browser...
...The top search results are not from a Google search, but are from my personal linked Gmail account.
This means I need to be a bit careful in letting people use my phone for browsing web, which normally I wouldn't mind...
...But what if they decide to just search for something like "leather underwear", and they see the top result as the email to me about my order from leatherpantiesformen dot com :)

I'm sure I can google now and find out how to stop it searching and displaying search results from my gmail, but anyone else got the SMS thing showing on their phone homescreen when getting incoming calls? Not sure if that is an Android thing or Samsung only yet
I have an S6 & my partner Jane has a Note 4 just checked and neither shows the text message as you have stated.

Not checked Jane's but my browser doesn't show anything relating to my emails when searching.
Which browser are you using, We only use the default browser.
I have the S6 too... Edge model.
Stock browser it happens in for me.

It's not even _all_ email terms that get found though... which is strange.

And it's not _every_ contact that will show the last text... double strange.

I told a work mate today and he has an iPhone and it showed some of his email results in his browser search too
[doublepost=1453496743,1453496578][/doublepost]...I just typed the following into my browser, to get some info on it:

"gmail results in Google search"

...and that pulled some results from my Gmail account up top of the search results.
One of which was an order confirmation email from Dragonbox
[doublepost=1453496856][/doublepost] just under the email results is a text link to this info page:
[doublepost=1453497673][/doublepost]...Here's a video of someone else's phone :)
But straight away 5 seconds in, notice the screen whilst the inbound call.
It shows the last time that person phoned you, and the last text message from them ... actually showing the message.

i don't like this feature

[doublepost=1453498844][/doublepost]AAAAAAAND ANOTHER THING, GOOGLE!

[This gets posted here rather than Forum Issues, as this is a problem with stoopid Android browser ... again]

Anyone else have this with their Android phone?
I never used to get this, but has been happening a while now.

When I copy a URL from another tab, to then paste in here, the paste will not show the URL and instead shows the below [imagine URL copied was]

This html class. value is http://drago

Lame. The workaround for me is to edit within the BBCode settings mode, then URL links paste as they should.

Just mentioning this as I'm ranting on my phone anyway about those other couple issues, and in case anyone gets it and hadn't noticed the BBCode workaround

Have you tried the following:

Go to Messages
Click on More / Settings/ Notifications

There are options in there for Pop-up Display & Preview Message.
Doesn't look to be that.
Those are settings to show a pop up of New messages over other apps, apart from lockscreen... which is OK as I'm happy to see a pop up preview of a new text if I'm for example watching youtube.
The other setting is for showing the preview along with details in the swipe down notification panel, which is also OK for me, that's just again from new unread texts