Amiga Thread.

A friend of mine started to collect and release a collection of old italian releases (many of this not available on Web anymore) for Amiga.
He want to release aperiodically a volume full of productions in ADF (Amiga disk format), collaboration is open to anyone that have some lost italian production (maybe salvaged from old floppys or BBS), if you have one or more release not available anywhere and want to contact him write to

He named this collection ItaloDisco (not related to the recent song by The Kolors), and now released his first volume.

You could download from ItaloDisco by Trinity
or from Pouet and Demozoo

Just ebay purchased another likely broken Amiga 2000 to restore. The case and keyboard look in better shape than my current one. Comes with a boxes of random disks so could be interesting or a bunch of junk... we will see.