Amiga Emulator On The Gp2x


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Nov 25, 2005
Greenock, Scotland
Hi everyone, new member and all that thanks to this months EDGE magazine and one who is seriously interested in buying one of these new fangled GP2X handhelds(in fact it's actually eaten into some of my Xbox360 hype time :lol: ).

Im really interested on the emulation side of the GP2X, specifically Amiga emulation.

So my question is basically, is there an Amiga emulator currently available for the GP2X and if so how reliable and fast is the emulation? And is it capable of emulating the complete Amiga Family of computers?

I have this vision of being able to play the likes of UFO: Enemy Unknown, SWOS, Cannon Fodder, Paradroid 90, Jetstrike *Starts foaming at mouth with excitment*.

PLease put me out of my misery :lol:
According to the wiki Squidey was working on porting UAE and Fellow, however it is currently on hold.

I seem to remember him saying that the Amiga emulator would be running on the raw hardware rather than through linux so I guess he's waiting for the work on that to be finished. I can't remember where I read this, so maybe I'm making it up! :)

Being able to play SWOS would be amazing!

Complete family, as in OCS, ECS and AGA (A1200, A4000, CD32) is doubtfull. A1000, A500, A500+, A2000, very likely, quality to be determined.

Not sure if A600 had anything special except ECS, and whether it's actually more difficult/costly to emulate...
Well these systems share a big number of designers in common. I just read on a German Gp2x board that some of the atari 800 designer staff was actually responsible for desiging the Amiga. And some of the c64 staff was actually responsible for designing the Atari ST. So people appearantly switched from CBM to Atari and vise versa.
I've done no work whatsoever on UAE or Fellow for the last week, as my SD has been corrupted beyond repair (I can't even format it), and my replacement (512MB Kingston) doesn't want to work in the GP2X. I'm putting this down to the fact that my 2X is pre-release, so are waiting for a retail one. It runs at just over 10 fps on most games and demos (with zero frameskip).
The Amiga 600 was a later release, but I think it had the 2Meg agnus chip with built-in 1 meg of chip ram and a full ECS chipset. Also it had a PCMCIA slot on the side, and a built-in HD.

That's pretty much it.