Am I allowed to upload to the Repo if I didn't make the PND?


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Sep 28, 2011
I have the great Super Mario War PND o my SD Card but didn't find it in the Repo.

It's a pretty current version and really great to play as a multiplayer game.

It supports ICP in joypad-mode and real Keyboard.

As I don't know who ported it I can't give any credits.

It's a great game and I'd like to see it on the repo.

May I upload it?
What's the license for the game itself?

Does the PND contain no README or PXML with a pointer to the creator of the PND?

I'd say: upload it, and if we find the actual author of the PND, we can always change the maintainer (provided he wants to maintain it). If the actual author of the PND is nowhere to be found, we should find a new maintainer anyway.
maybe someone could update the pnd to the latest specs and reupload, if ed/pickle agrees ill transfer ownership over.