About N-gage But Not Really A Vs.


Apr 13, 2004
Ok I was just wondering if people thought that the N-Gage would have been successful had they not tried to put in all the phone features?

I mean what about just a regular old console with 2 or 4 buttons that runs Java like a phone but doesn't have the phone buttons. Instead maybe like a virtual dialup thing and the speakers and mic. It would probably have saved them some money, made the unit smaller, and probably be pretty easy to do. So what do you think?
N-gage have to main problems:

Ridiculous small screen

If they designed better N-gage will be the king of handhelds, but no, they put some "bla, bla, I am an expert, bla bla" consulting morons doing the design. And we get something that is not a phone and that is not a game device is just a "my distorted brain masterpiece" of some ape.
everyone told me N-gage is crap and I believed them and also passed on the word that the N-gage is crap.

After the price had been dropped to a stunning £79 new and sim free(unlocked) I decided to get one but morefor the phone than an pocket gaming system as I got Gp32 for handheld gaming :D

Screen is small but useable and suprisingly the quality is alot better than my Gp32FLU :( I think this is probably todo with the light coming from the back maybe ?

I think its good and would recommend it but I would not pay the full price I think it was around £260, If I didnt get it I would probably still think it was Crap

Removing the phone features: it would not have been as powerfull without the phone part or as usefull for example I can connect realplayer through gprs and watch streaming movies :D

The N-gage comes across more like a Phone trying to be a portable gaming system than a gaming system trying to be a phone :D so I think its best it had those features

just a few of my thoughts

PS:sidetalking is not realy true you dont need to turn the phone sideways just told it to your ear like a normal phone and it works fine :D (phone also comes with hands free if you realy needed it also comes with a 32mb mmc ;) )
The QD is not bad, and the mobile phone development community is really nice too.
information extracted from my-symbian.com about N-gage QD

External MMC
external OK button not center Dpad anymore
Improved batery life (alot)
compact design

FM Radio removed
Mp3 removed
stereo sound removed (why mono, I dont get it ?)
tri-band removed

I like the internal mmc under battery it provents loss / theft

I would still go for the standard N-gage because its cheap and it has mp3 ringtone support and mp3player
so are they getting rid of the standard n-gage and just going to continue with the qd?
do you have to pay for phone service with n-gage
cause soon they will be cheaper than err... whats something that usually cheep
well whatever
i don't want a phone
but i do want to try out n-gage
i always thought they were crap, and like a previous poster told people they were crap - cos everyone said so (sheep mentality)

I got one from Orange on PAYG for £49.99 (offer now ended - gone up to 79.99) and unlocked it with a dct4 unlocker (code based) - just to complete my collection.

I love it now, use wireless IRC, web browsing, MSN and ICQ all thru gprs.

I can ssh into my linux boxes at home for remote admin via gprs.

Can play full movies off the MMC using real player or Smart Movie.

As for the games, some (like sega rally) are very poor, but the following are excellent

Tony Hawk
Fifa 2004
Tiger Woods
Tomb Raider

etc etc.

and loads of em are worth a bash.

The screen is a bit small and in portrait orientation, but its good quality and well / evenly lit.

the new QD has no usb lead so getting larger stuff on the mmc without a card reader can be a pain, also I believe that the 3rd party mp3 players available are much lower quality than the original n-gage player, having a capped upper frequency limit. (15kHz iirc) Unless you really cant stand the larger model, I would definately recommend it because of features/price.

If my N-gage got damaged or lost I would go buy anothe exactly the same without hesitation.