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Apr 19, 2008
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i had my gp32 blu a few years ago. i think i will buy a used first edition without any light. but i dont remember if:

it was stretched fullscreen and full speed with these system: nes, GB mono, genesis, gamegear. please be sure about stretched full screen and full speed. ( i remember genesis was fullscreen without strecthing... isnt?)

thanks for answer.

(i remember snes was slow, so dont mention it, i bought the zodiac and psp for better result. )

please a answer would be appreciate

( sorry for my bad english)
Ok, forgive me if I'm not actually answering your question, mostly because I couldn't tell precisely what it was. The one I'm answering is: Which emulators for GP32 are both full speed and stretched to full screen.

Some Genesis games are 320x240, and so are inevitably full speed and full screen. Equally, the native resolution for the Atari ST was 320x240, so inevitably that is also full screen (and CaSTaway is full speed).

In addition, Gameboy had screen stretching (from much less than full screen to full screen), but it looked horrible - was a lot more fun to play pixel-doubld (and lose some of the interface), or at the original size (and not have horrible rippling scrolling). I believe LittleJohn had screen stretching as well. Oh, and gamegear/Master System games could be playd full screen too, though they had the same problems as ever of looking kinda awful when stretched... it was generally worth it for gamegear, and not for master system games.

Other systems often had resolutions that were pretty close to 320x240 anyway, and therefore there was no need to stretch them. In particular, the GP32 port of Mame did a very good job with presumably all sorts of resolutions, some of which would, of course, be 320x240. And of course, PCEngine via GPEngine ran at mostly full screen most of the time :).
thanks for answer.
your answer is complete.
it was the good question that you answered.

but i really thought that gameboy was strecthing to fullscreen from my memory, but hard to remember.
Oh, it had stretching to fullscreen. It just looked really really bad. The resolutions differed just enough to make everything ripple horribly when walking places, meaning that generally speaking it was better to just play it unstretched.