A Game Maker Program for the Pandora?


Apr 1, 2009
I found an interesting web site while I was looking around and it is about a 3D Open Source Game maker that runs on Linux. I have used Gamemaker Pro 8 from yoyogames website and I think this type of game maker is similar in usability. Can someone check it out real fast and see if it can be ported to the Pandora and if the games made on it can run on the Pandora. If it does work I will be creating lots of games free for the community. Also, if anyone knows of any other game maker programs that already work for the Pandora please send me a link or info. Thanks again :)

Link to the website I found with the 3D game maker program ---> http://sandboxgamemaker.com/what-is-sandbox.html
So they have no intention of releasing development? That's lame. :( Thanks guys.
i think what they mean is they're not doing packaged up stable releases of the code, so if you grab the copy form teh svn it might have bugs as it's the current copy

checking out a copy now, just to see if it needs opengl (think it might do, if so itll make things a lot harder)
yeah, i looked a little, the glbegin/ends are easy to get round, but it looks like it does some pretty serious gl work in there, guess this one's for the pipe dream pool for now
Ok thanks guys for the responses. Seems like it is possible but a lot of work. Maybe one day it might be ported then :)
Platinum Arts Sandbox is based on Sauerbraten; I assume it would make the most sense to make Sauerbraten the primary target and work out from there to the ports & derivatives.

The original Cube was ported to Arm & OpenGLES way back when, so with some luck it should at least be theoretically possible, even if some of the fancier graphics have to be turned off.

(At a minimum, I hope we get a Cube port.)

Another project based on Sauerbraten is CubeCreate, which is a fork of the now-discontinued Syntensity. It's intended to be a game creation platform as well as a hub for sharing games. I think this has better potential as a game maker than Sandbox (which doesn't seem to offer much beyond base Sauer), but the new fork has yet to release anything...