A-data 'my Flash' 4gb 150x Sd Card


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Sep 15, 2006
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GileraGFR posted on Sep 21 2006 at 11:10 PM said:

Just got my GP2X today with the RiData 4GB card :-D

I haven't got my card reader through yet :( i thought i could still have a play with it though as it says the card is already formatted on the A4 sheet i got with the package.

I can't get my PC to see that anything is connected though :(

Do i need to make sure that the card is formatted with a card reader for my PC to see the GP2X at all, or is it something else? I've un-plugged all USB devices i can (not keyboard & mouse) and re-booted but alas my PC doesn't even recognise that anything is connected.

Can anyone please point out my probably stupid mistake?

Well the answer is "confusion" - the A4 sheet says it is formatted - IT IS NOT ! I got the same sheet ( from gbax.com ?) I presume the SD card came in a vac packed sealed thing which means you need to format it.

Problem 1 - Your pc will not see your gp2x via usb until you have a formatted SD card inside it.

Problem 2 - You need a usb SD card reader to format the card - I got one and it didnt format to 4gb - it only used 1gb. If this happens you need to get the utility mentioned above ( or I can email it to you - send me a private message and I will do this no problem ) and then format it to 4gb - important note - Even if your card reader doesnt see 4gb dont worry, it will once you have used the utility

I suggest you checkout the card readers recommended in this forum and get one of those.

Good luck and dont get frustrated it will be ok..... just get a card reader!
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Sep 19, 2006
Thx catseyez, i ordered the card reader mentioned here a few times the same time as the GP2X but i've got bored waiting for it so i bought a different one that locks my computer up the moment i insert the card :huh:, can't find any firmware updates for it either. Looks like i'll have to wait till the cheapest ever reader to arrive :lol: