1. jgeiss

    Configuring and compiling a recent kernel

    Hi there, I'm currently cross-compiling a Gentoo system for the Pandora using a cross-compiler and QEmu. It works quite well, but now I want to configure and compile a recent kernel. Until now I used the pandora-kernel from git:// (track -b pandora-3.2...
  2. V

    Pyra Exclusives and paid games

    This is mostly just an idle fantasy, but I've started work on a number of games over the years, and sometimes fantasize about finishing one as an indie exclusive/priority release to support some platform I'm fond of. I'm wondering, what would you think of someone went and did it. Would you pay...
  3. ssokolow

    Pandora How to cross-compile Rust programs

    Since it took a bit of googling to piece together how to set up a Pandora-targeting Rust cross-compiler, I thought I'd share these instructions here in case they save someone else some time. Step 0: Set up one of the C cross-compilers from (I'm using...
  4. AnimatedFreak

    Use the Pyra as a DreamPi

    Would it be possible to port the DreamPi software to the Pyra to use it to get online on the Dreamcast again? And if so how hard would that be? I was thinking that the Pyra because it has USB and Wifi it could in theory be used the same way. For those who don’t know about DreamPi it is a...
  5. fantomid

    Advertizing in magazine - Time to think about catching attention

    I am searching for some catch phrases to present all the people involved here. The first part of the advert will get phrases like: Passion for retrogaming Talented community The Open Source mouvement Two handhelds like a way, a conclusion of the first three sentences Then you will find a...
  6. K

    [SOLD] Pandora GHZ Edition - Perfect Condition - International Shipping

    Hello, I sell: Open Pandora Ghz Edition (stable at 1.2 Ghz) in perfect condition sold in it's box including all the official accessories + Two 32 GB SanDisk Extreme SD cards. $299 including international shipping. PayPal only accepted. Thanks. [EDIT] Sold.
  7. AVahne

    What's next?

    So uh...feel free to close this thread if it's already been asked, but after all the dust has settled on the Pyra's development, advertisement, sales, etc., do you have any specific plans for your next product idea? Aside from future daughter boards and providing replacement parts for the Pyra...
  8. fantomid

    Advertizing in magazine

    Hello there, I got contacts to have one A4 page of communication about the community, the Pandora and the Pyra. The magazine Retroplaying will be release in France end of october. The main idea is to have two parts: On top the Pandora, with the text "TODAY" and some informations regarding the...
  9. Foggy

    SOLD-Silver 1Ghz Pandora

    I am interested in selling my 1Ghz pandora. it comes with two batteries (1x battery case) original stylus and an after market charger. it also has a spare key board mat and a spare screen cable. I replaced the screen cable and speakers in the pandora this week and is now working great, prior to...
  10. AVahne

    *COMPLETED* American Pandora battery

    Is there anyone in the United States with an extra Pandora battery that they're willing to sell? I bought one of the flawed Pandoras that ED put on his shop recently and opted to not get a battery in order to save on shipping costs (and to save about $10 on the cost of the Pandora itself). I had...
  11. RollingHaro

    WTB Open Pandora 1GHz

    I've currently looking to buy an OpenPandora. I live in the US around the southwest area. If you have a working 1GHz version and are willing to part with it, please PM me. I haven't had much luck finding anything in the DragonBox store, and anything on ebay is either over-priced or gets...
  12. lukey

    How did you find out about the Pyra/Pandora?

    In order to find out what Advertising works for People who want an Open Source, Community Driven Handheld Computer I created this Pool. How did you find to this Community? Lurkers are also welcome to participate. Other: 1x word of mouth (sorry, can't delete Pool Entries) 2x stumbled upon it in...
  13. fantomid

    Promote community and devices

    What are the main events we have to be to promote all the works done here ? In France, we managed to be in FOSS events in Toulouse, Montpellier and Lyon in the previous years. I have to send the application file to be at the videogames event in Toulouse, TGS, this year again. Gamescom in August...
  14. R

    NetHack 3.6.0 - Pandora Specific Controls [Hacky Build]

    Hi, I don't tend to post here much, but I have been lurking for awhile. By the way, I'm not overly experienced in programming in C, or porting titles. I apologise if this forum is the wrong place to ask about this, as it is mostly about NetHack source code, but partly about Pandora controls and...
  15. blimpsgo180

    The Definitive List of Pandora Games (native games and ports)

    General Overview With the days of the Pandora winding down and the days of the Pyra winding... up(?), I've decided to create a definitive list of all the games that exist on the Pandora. I'm categorizing games as games that were either made for, or specifically ported to the Pandora. I do not...