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12 Stage Pack plus Making Stages Package 2016-02-29

12 new stages include Final Destination 2, Mario, Michael Jackson's Club, Windy Valley, Marble Zone 2, Launch Base Zone 2, Midgar, Flat Zone, Pokemon Stadium 2, Don Vito's House, Battlefield 2, and Great Fox.
All stages have preview pics to them so you'd have an idea how the stage looks ingame. Many stages have alternate music and backgrounds that you can rename to the default stages' .mod and .bmp to your liking.

It also includes a great resource to use to make your own stages for SmashGP. Everything is included for you to start. It contains the Mappy v1.3.18 tile maker program, for making the stage structures. Arena Edit is included as well for your convenience and a must have for my tutorial (also the original tutorial .pdf from 2005/06 is in here as well if you want to look at that too). There are multiple tutorials with pictures that cover each aspect of the stage making process (cpu zones, spawning points, applying the background and music) There are also stage example files (.FMP) that you can view in Mappy and edit to your liking. There is also bonus music .mods included and a basic written tutorial in addition to the picture tutorials as well.
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