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  1. MatthewQA

    Im Having A Problem When Starting Pocketsnes

    Confirmed. I did a completely NAND wipe, installed the oldest firmware, then did a steady update all the way up to the latest, testing PocketSNES at each level. No success. Nothing even came close, really. This is an odd occurrence. It seems sporadic and unreliable. I'd love to see what's going...
  2. MatthewQA Has Wiz In Stock At 99Us!

    Nah. As far as I know, this a freak accident(and is also restricted to the Wiz, though, if you're looking for Caanoo problems, you should really check there). ThinkGeek is usually very reliable with all their products, so I'd just go for it.
  3. MatthewQA Has Wiz In Stock At 99Us!

    Ah! This is very good news! Sounds like we have some sort of software issues floating around then. Time to start poking around and breaking things.
  4. MatthewQA

    Why Is Mame Emulation So Retarded?

    Indeed, welcome. No, it's really not. The MAME version was chosen for the fact that this version does not use floating point numbers, since the GP2x Wiz does not have a APU/ALU, floating point would seriously degrade on performance. Your best bet would be to try and find a full ROM set...
  5. MatthewQA

    Some Wiz Newbie Questions Please

    Yeah, I didn't like the orange either. I've been using the BlueZ skin, as it's a little easier on the eyes(while still a taaad blue). I've also heard the liquido skin is good. Might try those in the mean time. Yeah, the freezing is the exact same issue I've been having. I'm not entirely sure...
  6. MatthewQA

    Dosbox For Dummies

    First off. Copy the game files to the SD card(NANA is theoretically possible, but SD is way easier). Usually the best place is in /mnt/sd/dosbox/game_name Once the files have copied over, navigate to where DOSBox itself is located. This is usually under /mnt/sd/dosbox. The DOSBox install should...
  7. MatthewQA

    Condition Battery?

    Indeed, welcome! Seems to be a common issue. Trying running it through GiNGE and see if that fixes it for you. A bit of a hassle, but it's worked so far.
  8. MatthewQA

    Im Having A Problem When Starting Pocketsnes

    This is so weird. I've heard a number of different accessories coming with the Wiz, but I seem to have received bare minimum. Just the Wiz and the USB(M) to Wiz adapter.
  9. MatthewQA

    Some Wiz Newbie Questions Please

    I am not sure. My SD card is extremely limited, as it is not my own and is very small, which bums me out because I was looking forward to this emulation. Aaah. Pick and choose I suppose. I am having issues with it myself(the jury is still out on my problem), but many people have gotten it to...
  10. MatthewQA

    Having Some Rom Troubles With Mame4All

    Awesome, I was very much hoping someone would come through and know the reason that it was chosen. Kinda figured it was something along those lines. Thanks a lot!
  11. MatthewQA

    Gp2X Wiz Internal Pictures

    Hmm. There are some differences, but I'm going to have to take better pictures of the front side. Yes, a few have tried have tried messing with firmware, I plan to as well, as soon as I can get a substantial SD card that I can use freely. They had no better results. I myself am running...
  12. MatthewQA Has Wiz In Stock At 99Us!

    Alrighty, I posted the pictures and information all in a new thread [here]. Hopefully we can make some headway here.
  13. MatthewQA

    Gp2X Wiz Internal Pictures

    Alright! A common topic lately on the help section of the board has been issues with a ThinkGeek-sold GP2x Wiz. Many have been having issues with pocketSNES, and gPSP specifically. And I myself have had issues with a few other things, such as gMenu2x. A few times, this has been questioned as a...
  14. MatthewQA

    Gmenu2X Issue

    No. I'm going to further look into it today. Though, I would like to ask a question. Did you get your Wiz from ThinkGeek, recently?
  15. MatthewQA Has Wiz In Stock At 99Us!

    I know, the thought of seeing the internals is very tempting for me too. :P Yes, more or less; the bigger issue here, though, would be I'd need to get someone(or find myself) pictures of a non-ThinkGeek "working" Wiz. That way we can compare the two and see if there are any significant...
  16. MatthewQA

    Problem With Super Double Dragon On Pocketsnes

    Interesting. Since there is no control configuration file for pocketSNES, I'd suggest bringing it up in the thread [link] itself, perhaps it might bring it to the attention of the person working on it. Unfortunately, that's the only advice I can see giving, since we have no way to alter the...
  17. MatthewQA

    Im Having A Problem When Starting Pocketsnes

    Huh. I have zero issues with Final Fantasy 6's sound quality. It may be slightly wavery, but not enough to be hindering. Especially considering this is the SNES. Here are the non-default settings I use globally: Sound Rate: 44100 mono(stereo if I use headphones or better speakers)...
  18. MatthewQA Has Wiz In Stock At 99Us!

    I have a ThinkGeek Wiz as well, and while I had issues with pocketSNES(fixed with GinGE), I have had zero issues with MAME. Wanna post somewhere in the I Need Help forum, and perhaps we can figure out what's going on. Though, I am literally steps from just caving and pulling my Wiz open and...
  19. MatthewQA

    Having Some Rom Troubles With Mame4All

    Yeah, he does. It's just under the name of "Franxis" After a bit of poking around(I should've looked harder before), I found the MAME4ALL sources. So here you go: MAME4ALL Sources: [here] Development Tools are in the development section, [here].
  20. MatthewQA

    Having Some Rom Troubles With Mame4All

    I don't see what you mean with the statement about C++. Linux has no issues with C++. The Wiz does not use a specific distribution of Linux. If it has any "distribution" it uses it's own. Well, I'm pretty sure the source is available, you'd have to contact Franxis. Unfortunately, his...