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    Other Possibilities

    all you need is two months and a dream.
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    Pandora Production Progress!

    you are ruining the fun. half the fun of the pandora is piecing together various bits of information and putting it all together from different sources: -gp32x forum threads -craigix twitter posts -ed's youtube videos -mweston's flickr account -the official pandora blog -the un-official...
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    Ok, Guys

    I agree. Validate PNDs during the upload process. If it doesn't validate, report it to the uploader like so:
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    Pandora Pancake Pandora Sdk Survey

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    Beta Box

    bugs? : -can only view comments when logged in. -it allowed me to upload an exact PND that already exists in repository. suggestions : -add a page for new or recently added PNDs. -add capability to search by date a PND was added to repository. -when constructing filter, I would prefer that...
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    How Are You Going To Mod Your Pandora

    overclock the omap to 900mhz :wacko:
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    Beta Appstore Testing (Again)

    when viewing an app you can choose one of 3 tabs: * Screenshot * Video * User Video/Reviews When selecting Video or User Video, the "Screenshot" tab stays highlighted. The password check is weak, it only requires a min of 4 characters. I was able to register a username and select a password...
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    a Pandora heals all wounds.
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    OP: I know you don't want to pre-order, but if you really want a Pandora by this Christmas, I suggest you try to get in on the first batch. Best case is you get the Pandora earlier than Christmas. Worst case is the Pandora isn't released by this Christmas... which is unlikely... maybe.
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    I Want To Be A Programmer.

    Green tea Press offers a couple of free books for download at: Check out their "How to Think Like a Computer Scientist" books available for python, java, or c++.
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    Apple Needs To Die

    If icontrolpad is trademarked, this could prevent apple from using the name [without paying for it]. Just look at how fujitsu owned the name "iPad" since 2003. Apple had to pay for the rights to use the name iPad just days before it was released.
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    Help Needed Replicating Success Of Openpandora For A Netbook/laptop

    You say $500 per device is too much. Lets say your netbook costs the same as a pandora $330. You are basically asking 4000 people to give you a $1,320,000 interest free loan for however long it takes to create and deliver your product. Would 4000 people give you that much money for 2 years...
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    Vga Cables And Pandora Carry Case

    the dreamcast had an attachment to output vga. you had to buy this cable separately.
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    Tor has successfully used scratchbox for pandora development:
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    Probably Not Gonna Get My Pandora

    kingoddball, I agree with you. Here's why: The company in Texas can populate and test 500 boards per week. So lets extrapolate... March 22 - March 26th, 500 boards arrive in UK. March 29 - April 1, 500 more boards should arrive in UK (1000 boards total) <--- assembly starts around April...
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    I agree with their decision since silk screening would've caused more delays. Maybe someone can design some cool stickers for use in place of the silk screen screening.
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    Pandora Directory Structure Question

    I've brought up the issues about moving/deleting pnds and appdata before. See this thread, with replies from skeezix and vimacs. The consensus was they were going to freeze libpnd...
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    Pandora Directory Structure Question

    this might be fixed when using PNDs and a "PND manager". You would move PNDs around using the manager and things would be moved appropriately. Then of course some people would argue that when you move/delete a PND, you shouldn't touch the existing user application data. The manager could...
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    Beta Appstore

    Can you add a user settings so the displayed dates are user configurable? i think the current format is DD/MM/YYYY. People around the world use different formats. Also some of the dates are not consistent: ex: PicoDrive v5 - 27/2/2010 Mupen64 - 16/2/10 Maybe add a user option to see...
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    Beta Appstore

    +1 for AJAX. Done correctly, it greatly improves the end user experience.