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  1. Mikelle02

    Pandora Programming for the Pandora/Pyra

    Hi, I just wanted to know if it's there a way to make something for the Pandora/Pyra under x86 Windows platform. I'm using Code::Blocks , DevC++ , Monodevelop , Enigma , Game Maker 8.1. What IDE do you suggest to use ? Is there a pnd builder ? How can I package everything ?
  2. Mikelle02

    I just got my pandy

    I just got my pandy
  3. Mikelle02

    Port Requests

    Looking at the repo the latest version of geogebra is :) is it possible an update to 4.0 ? I would love to be able to do a graph of quadratic inequalities
  4. Mikelle02

    Monster hunter PSP emu playable?

    Any news ? Is Monster Hunter for the psp playable on the openpandora ?
  5. Mikelle02

    Port Requests

    I was wondering if it is possible a port of Red Eclipse for the Pandora.  
  6. Mikelle02

    Finally found a Pandora

    Finally found a Pandora
  7. Mikelle02

    Skype 1.4 port

    Hi there , looking at the repo I didn't found a Pandora port of Skype. I know that Skype has a closed source code. Anyway .. I remember that time ago , the source code were available here and here . I want to know if there is a way to get from those websites an unofficial working port.  
  8. Mikelle02

    Virtual RAM on Pandora for faster emulation

    I know that it depends by the clockspeed of the processor and the gpu rather the ram. I was only thinking if the swap would improve something or not. Thanks however
  9. Mikelle02

    Virtual RAM on Pandora for faster emulation

    I was wondering , if I add a swap file on a USB drive is it possible to have more framerate on emulation? The idea is like ReadyBoost to speed up Windows but with the "mkswap" and "swapon" utilities on linux.
  10. Mikelle02

    Moonlight - Nvidia GameStream

    Wonderful news , I really appreciate that. Looking at the repo , you made all the ports I love :)
  11. Mikelle02

    Moonlight - Nvidia GameStream

    Hi , I was looking for a way to connect a Pandora 1ghz vrs to a computer capable of Nvidia GameStream to be able to play my computer games onto a Pandora. Is there a port of Moonlight-stream for the Pandora ?
  12. Mikelle02

    Looking for a free Pandora

    Looking for a free Pandora
  13. Mikelle02

    [SOLD] Mint condition 1GHz Pandora pack for sale

    So it is fully working and it has no hardware/software issue , isn't ?
  14. Mikelle02

    [SOLD] Pandora 1GHz Megapack for sale EU/Switzerland

    Noooo :( I was looking for one
  15. Mikelle02


     I have the intention to buy two Pyras but I'm worried about the heat. I heard that it can go up to 70/80 °C .. That's quite alarming for me . I'll probably buy a Pandora 1 ghz vrs. anyway. But I's the Pyra going to have that issue once produced ?