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  1. GPJosh

    How To Download A Really Long Thread?

    OS X too if you want. Install fink, then fink install wget Make sure you're in a new directory when you run Alec's script though, because will make ALOT of folders :lol:
  2. GPJosh

    Pandora Hut

    ...well since this thread is silly anyways, I might as well submit to the inevitable :P
  3. GPJosh

    How Much Pressure Can The Case Withstand?

    There is always a limit to clamshells, but the Pandora should be able to take it. :P IIRC replacement screens will be sold separately, as will every other component of the Pandora. The screen is a Archos 605 screen without a flipped pin out on the cable. I imagine replacements will be sold...
  4. GPJosh

    When The Box Opens...

    Perhaps the greeters could give the answer and in a (non snarky) way give a link to the appropriate faq / tutorial. Example: Ques. Does the Pandora play X n64 game? Ans. At the moment it plays it full speed without sound at 600mhz, but this is expected to improve soon when the new version is...
  5. GPJosh

    Pandora For Downloading?

    Off the top of my head, I believe Transmission would make a good port. That said, I don't think anyone is working on it (yet).
  6. GPJosh

    Gp2X Or Gp32 Emulators?

    Yup, there's a ton of GP32 homebrew out there that I know won't be ported over. It would be great to keep that software library alive as my gp32 is slowly failing is well. It seems only fitting to have a GP32 emulator on a system that was born out of the GP32/GP2x community. :D
  7. GPJosh

    Usa Shipment Method - What Will It Be?

    Ordering from Craig's shop, the two options were: USA, btw. UK customers got "Special Delivery shipping".
  8. GPJosh

    Hosting For Pandora Sdk

    I can help too, if needed.
  9. GPJosh

    Beta Appstore

    I'd like to take a stab at it.
  10. GPJosh

    New Blog Post

    Taking a look at the previous silkscreening, it seems like the best compromise would be (if the silkscreening doesn't work out again) to just silkscreen the "First Batch" onto the 1st batch Pandoras. That way: 1) Collector types would be happy 2) People screaming "ship!" would be appeased As...
  11. GPJosh

    Should We Lock "q: Warranty At 800Mhz?"?

    Hey, godwin's law already. ;) And we do need some strong mods again it seems, where's generalnmx (infamous thread fascist) gone off to the last couple of years? Sometimes it seems threads really do need to be locked occasionally. Edit: Like this one :rolleyes:
  12. GPJosh

    Q: Warranty At 800Mhz?

    Very true, I was thinking about the end user who decides to overclock anyway (knowing full well that this violates the warranty, if that's what the case is). Myself, I'm probably going to keep it at 720 max and buy + replace the board if this does, in fact, fry something. It seems there's really...
  13. GPJosh

    Q: Warranty At 800Mhz?

    I don't want to fan ANY flames here, as things seem to be finally settling down. Just for those who choose to overclock and *possibly* void their warranty (depending on what the OP team decides) - the Droid's ARM Cortex A8, which is the same base chip that the Pandora uses can OC to over 1ghz...
  14. GPJosh

    An Idea (Opinions Please)

    Sounds like a good idea! Obviously listing every console game would be impossible, but a "top" games compilation would be cool. Below are threads that people have already recommended games: Official Best Games For All Consoles Best Psx Games Top 20 Games For Each System What Games Will People...
  15. GPJosh


    Yeah, the answer from the previous thread seems to be maybe, but why? Until that question is answered, its unlikely that someone will try to port it.
  16. GPJosh

    A Quick Story...

    I agree, I really feel the community spirit of the GP32 with the Pandora. The stuff that people managed to achieve on that hardware was truly incredible with NES, Genesis, and towards the end very playable to fullspeed SNES. The homebrew was also great with the GBAX coding compos being a high...
  17. GPJosh

    Excellent Keyboard For Pandorians

    I looked both into that Apple Keyboard and the bluetooth Stowaway, but can't seem to find a definitive answer on which would use the least power. 1. Wired keyboard plugged into USB 2.0 port 2. Wired keyboard plugged into the OTG port 3. Bluetooth keyboard Since battery life is one of Pandora's...
  18. GPJosh

    Dreamcast Emu: Any Updates?

    Linky: AND (for everyone who hasn't seen the previous threads) Video ...
  19. GPJosh

    Smartq, Have Anyone Used One?

    Everyone also seems to forget that it uses the same screen as the Pandora - Craig even supplies them as spares. I'd be interesting to see one in person to get a good idea of what the Pandora screen will be, even though as a Pandora preorderer it doesn't make any sense to get one as well. :P
  20. GPJosh

    Common Avatar System For Games

    It seems the main problem with avatars so far is that they aren't allowed in Teen or Mature rated titles (only E) - which really puts a damper on making them a standard / used widely. If someone were to develop a Pandora avatar system early enough in the system's life cycle I could really see it...