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  1. Esn

    Mapping L shoulder button to Alt?

    Thanks. What about my idea for the right-click-enabler-for-stylus to be some other button besides Start/Alt? Could that be done? Some software uses right-mouse clicks almost as often as left, for example mtpaint. I mean, the whole point of Shift and Ctrl being L and R originally was to make...
  2. Esn

    Mapping L shoulder button to Alt?

    Hi there, I am wondering if it's possible to map the left shoulder button to Start/Alt instead of Shift. The reason is to easily be able to do right-clicks with the stylus, for which it's currently required to hold "Start/Alt" while touching the screen, but that button is in the middle of the...
  3. Esn

    Release PicoDrive revival (1.9x)

    I notice that the aspect ratio isn't working for some games. "Jim Power" on Genesis and "Silpheed" on Sega CD (and some others I tried, too, but I don't remember all of them), display stretched to fullscreen even if "2x2, 3x2" in video scaling options is selected. It shows the correct aspect...
  4. Esn

    I can't get the GP32 SMC Formatter to work

    I suppose. I've never done it before. I tried formatting the two SMCs I have with Mr. Spiv's firmware in the GP32 itself (on the theory that maybe Windows was doing something wrong). Then I put some files onto the card using Windows Explorer and a card reader. And it works now! I can see my...
  5. Esn

    Gplink And Gp32 Usb Driver For Windows 7 64Bits

    I decided to try this. First, I copied the included .dll and .sys files into the proper folders. I couldn't find my old GPLink cable, so I bought this 4-pin USB adapter, which can apparently replace it when inserted upside down. It was hard to get it in the GP32's slot, but I think I managed...
  6. Esn

    Welcome to the new OpenPandora / Pyra / GP32X Boards!

    Oh, okay. :) That's a shame. I wonder if the price would go down after a while. Also, it's interesting that the quotes in that thread look really weird (the content of the post itself is quoted, not just the quote)
  7. Esn

    Welcome to the new OpenPandora / Pyra / GP32X Boards!

    If I click on any link to this forum from a Google search, I get a forum error. For example, try clicking on the first link here: It has this URL, which doesn't work...
  8. Esn

    What are your favourite GP32 games?

    Really? What about this then:
  9. Esn

    What are your favourite GP32 games?

    I really liked Blue Angelo. It was a big platformer-RPG with an interesting atmosphere, good play mechanics, and great graphics and music. Although it did have a few little bugs (e.g. the in-game world map was actually a bit incorrect). It was a true GP32 original which used the system to its...
  10. Esn

    Where are the old folk of GP32?

    Hi, everyone. I never coded, but I used to be the main "content writer" for a short-lived GP32X competitor (I think its name was GP32Universe) before almost all its content was irretrievably lost (either its admin suddenly deleted it or user Deleted User hacked it, I forget). I think that may...
  11. Esn

    I can't get the GP32 SMC Formatter to work

    About two years ago, I accidentally removed my SmartMedia card before fully shutting off the GP32, and caused corruption of the card. Since then, I haven't been able to figure out how to get anything working again! When I insert the corrupted SMC, I get an error message from Mr. Spiv's "GP32...
  12. Esn

    Pyra Wiki Scope

    What if certain applications need certain tweaks to get working properly on the system? A wiki is the perfect place to store long-term information like that. Maybe the rule should be "only make application pages if they're not just duplicating the info already available on the repo, but actually...
  13. Esn

    Day of the Pandora is approaching.

    It has nice, concise, official profiles of some of the main people involved in the Pandora. I think the Pandora Wikipedia article might be currently referencing some of them ('course, Internet Archive links could probably be used instead). But yes, that does seem to be one thing that the new...
  14. Esn

    Day of the Pandora is approaching.

    Just a suggestion, perhaps the profile here can be modified: Anyone searching for "Craig Rothwell" on Google comes upon that page first of all, with its rather flattering biography which I and many...
  15. Esn

    iCP2: They're throwing in the towel.

    Hm. Is there some sort of deadline for when I have to send info on my refund intentions? (whether to opt for a refund or an iCP1 instead) I don't feel like I can make that decision until I get a better idea of how much money will actually be in the refund (a ballpark estimate, at least).
  16. Esn

    SoC Poll - What's most important for you?

    How well would emulation of x86 DOS/Windows games on an ARM Pyra work? Would something like Jazz Jackrabbit 2 require too many resources to work well? At the moment that's the main reason that I'd lean towards x86 - the Pandora struggled to emulate a lot of 1990s computer games, which is kind...
  17. Esn

    Pandora wiki open for business. You can help.

    I haven't been keeping up for the past 8 pages because I'm very busy working on my thesis (still). I'm sorry for this. If you guys are trying to set up something like the many-languages system on Wikipedia, that's certainly a good idea. I would just like to mention a few things quickly. 1. The...
  18. Esn

    Release PCSX ReARMed, with a new GPU

    I redownloaded the BIOS just in case it was causing the problem, but no change. Ok, here are 2 savestates attached. The first from just before the problem happens, the second after they get stuck.
  19. Esn

    Release White Butterfly and Excellent Bifurcation

    Mcobit, I wonder, could you please release a version with the correct aspect ratio that also doesn't reset the high scores every time I restart the PND?  This was corrected for the stretched version but not for the "genuine" version. Also, possibly bundle both of them on the Repo so that people...
  20. Esn

    Release PCSX ReARMed, with a new GPU

    I would attach the savestate to this message, but the board tells me "you aren't permitted to upload this kind of file". I might try again when I come home and have a more stable internet connection. It says I'm using the scph1001.bin BIOS. I will update the OS when I get my Pandora fixed...