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  1. sporkbox

    FAQ for remaining Preorders of OpenPandora Ltd.

    As one of the preorderers, I think it'd be great to give the community the chance to get as many preorders covered as possible. If I'm unable to get a Pandora, I would take something similar (like a GCW Zero) as a suitable replacement. I'm sure other preorderers feel the same way: we'd rather...
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    FAQ for remaining Preorders of OpenPandora Ltd.

    Yeah, I'm hoping I'm part of these next 10, too! Fingers crossed!
  3. sporkbox

    eMail sent!

    I received 3 separate e-mails. One even mentioned a refund, when I didn't opt for that in the survey. Finances force me to hope and wait for a community-sponsored Pandora.. so I guess nix 2 more of the false preorders! I'll PM ED to be certain it's not missed.
  4. sporkbox

    Another alternate solution: accepting an item that's of lesser value

    Before you grab your pitchforks, hear me out. ED has a lot of preorders to go through that he's doing purely because he cares about the community. The more we examine the situation, the worse it looks, however... and for some preorderers, it's not realistic to pay extra just to get the Pandora...
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    Fulfilling preorders without EvilDragon.... Here be dragons!

    Why not a sort of survey or invitation for preorderers who can't afford to upgrade create a topic in a dedicated board where they try to appeal to get donations and/or sponsorship for their Pandora? Some of us (myself included) intend on contributing to the repository with code, assisting in...
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    What option would you take to resolve the preorder queue?

    It would take considerable penny-pinching, but if I absolutely *had to*, I'd find a way to scrounge together 50€. I wouldn't mind what I mentioned in the other thread (A GCW Zero), either; and that would probably save even more money on ED's end.
  7. sporkbox

    Trying to find a fair solution

    I would if I could, but at the time I purchased the Pandora I was financially semi-stable and that is no longer true. All I can offer is many blog posts, contributions for bug reports, development of software and games for it, and involvement in the community once I get my unit. All intangible...
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    Trying to find a fair solution

    I'm okay with this idea. However, what order is chosen for the donations-powered preorder payments? Is it by date? Of the 130 of us who want to wait for a Rebirth, are you prioritizing the people (like me) who *would* pay, but can't? Or is it based on order date? Did Craig's information even...
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    Craigs Preorder List Update

    As someone who has no choice but to wait for a Rebirth unit due to no spare money... I hope you don't give up on us, ED. Maybe donors can help bridge the gap in costs. I hope to produce games for the Pandora... but without one, I can't build for it. :/
  10. sporkbox

    Still trying to get the survey results

    If the text file is sane and has one record per line, a quick `wc -l $FILE` will do the trick. Can't help you on non-sane operating systems. Anyway, you can delimit each column of each record with either commas or tabs, save as a .csv file, and Excel should be able to work with it. I'd be...
  11. sporkbox

    Still trying to get the survey results

    Here as well. If things go south, I still have my original preorder e-mail. I'd rather have a Pandora than any refund money. I want, so badly, to be a Pandora owner and start exploring and contributing to things! All I need is the hardware...
  12. sporkbox

    Stats of upgrades

    Why should a preorderer like myself pay more just because others are willing and/or able? Business is not democracy. Forcing me to pay *more* would do nothing but cause me to ask for a refund and I'd miss out on getting the coolest device I've seen in years. And I'm not alone. For the record...
  13. sporkbox

    Stats of upgrades

    The text file is probably the raw file produced by the survey itself. In order to put that into a Calc spreadsheet you'd need to eliminate the lines with "------" in it, then come up with a separator (I prefer tab or pipe) and import it. Not a whole lot of work if you know what you're doing. In...
  14. sporkbox

    Now that orders have been transferred to ED, who do I contact about my order?

    I'm curious about the status of my order. I took part in the survey that Craig sent out and, to my understanding, my order is now with EvilDragon. Is there a specific e-mail address I can send my status request to? Do I PM ED instead? I want to figure out what to do from here. It's not in the...
  15. sporkbox

    EvilDragon's Pre-Order Survey Thread

    So if I understand correctly, the people who pay more get further ahead in the queue? That sucks, but if it's necessary to ensure I get my Pandora this year, then I'll deal with it.
  16. sporkbox

    Final preorders, action required

    I completed the survey as one of the missed preorderers. I hope it doesn't confuse the software that I chose both "I want an original spec" and "I want a GC spec" options. The first one mentioned that the supply is low, so if I can't avoid paying and get the original spec, then I choose not to...
  17. sporkbox

    Final preorders, action required

    No PM or e-mail for me yet, either.
  18. sporkbox

    Final preorders, action required

    I sent one and am still waiting. From what I could tell, Craig said that he's waiting until Friday to gather information, not to contact us. I believe today he's supposed to go through LOST EMAIL people. At least, that's what I gathered from here:
  19. sporkbox

    Alternative source of money to clear the queue - SEO Attack

    Business deals fail all the time, and given that it's been so long and OP has so few staff that are already in over their heads (to a degree), it's better for them to focus on fixing the (pre)order queue and work on getting into the black. Suing has never turned something around for the better...
  20. sporkbox

    Final preorders, action required

    Sounds good, Craig. I look forward to the day all preorders are fulfilled and we can all let out a collective sigh of relief.