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  1. ScottChegg

    Absurd border disagreement between Netherlands and Germany Shhhh!! Dont mention it
  2. ScottChegg

    Release Yabause

    Thanks Ari. Nice surprise for a lot of people :)
  3. ScottChegg

    Is your hinge loose yet?

  4. ScottChegg

    Best Spectrum Games

    Turbo Esprit Minder Wriggler also.. Lode runner Rebelstar Jet set willy and... BMX racers.. or maybe not, nice inlay artwork if I remember though
  5. ScottChegg

    80GB portable drive

    Zavvi outlet are selling these for just £17.00 of your Great British poundies. Dont know if they will work on the Pandy or not but I aint gonna be too nobbed off if it doesnt at this price. Update. All sold now.
  6. ScottChegg

    SD card stuck in second slot

    Hi got my pandora yesterday. SD card works fine in first slot, tried it in second today and it wont eject. Its a PNY 16gb if that makes any difference, Thanks OK sussed it. The card hadnt clicked back that little bit when i had inserted it, i got a nail file and pulled it back a tadge...
  7. ScottChegg

    Tell Us Non-Amiga Guys What The Best Of Amiga Are :)

    Colonization.. a classic i still play Wings of fury Ports of call Railroad tycoon.. Not sure how this play on the pandora though. Hunter.. Only vaguely remember this game, it was good if i recall
  8. ScottChegg

    Tell Us Non-Sega Genesis Guys What The Best Of Sega Genesis Are :)

    Gunstar Heroes, might even go dig out my GP2X and have a bash right now
  9. ScottChegg

    We Have Cases Folks

    *Puff...puff, pant..pant.....* I got here as quick as i could. Has something happened?
  10. ScottChegg

    Countdown To Production Unit Showcase 7 Day(S)

    Not your fault mate, its better to get it right and have delays than a sub-standard product rushed out
  11. ScottChegg

    Craigx Twitter Update Cases This Weekend!

    I guess proving the doubters and naysayers wrong will be nice for you and the team. Looking forward to the next few weeks "I gotta feelin whoo hoo"
  12. ScottChegg

    I Think I've Went Insane.

    Good stuff Asmo. :)
  13. ScottChegg

    When Is The Real Release Date...

    Nooooooo dont say it mate, you know what happens
  14. ScottChegg

    When Is The Real Release Date...

    Nope i aint going to jinx it. Im going to pretend not to care ;)
  15. ScottChegg

    I Want One, But.....

    Yeah my bad i did mean 15k of games etc.
  16. ScottChegg

    I Want One, But.....

    Phil. as a speccy fan myself can you imagine having all them lovely roms, what is there about 15000 of them? In your pocket. The pandora is just one of them things you just didn't know you needed
  17. ScottChegg

    Intended Use Of The Pandora

    Old school emulation, Amiga and Speccy just don't feel right on the GP2X. Possibly use as an MID at work during lunch break etc. Playing "It came from the desert" while sat on the bog, tell me why this wouldn't be gaming nirvana
  18. ScottChegg

    I Think I've Went Insane.

    You didn't type LOAD"" on the emulator that's the reason it wont work
  19. ScottChegg

    By The End Of The Year?

    Chin up Craig :) you and the team are doing a sterling job.