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  1. krosfyah

    The Top 5 Hand Held Consoles Are

    I think my favourite is either the gameboy micro or neo geo pocket colour. Both have flaws of course, the micro causes massive cramps after a while due to its tiny size and the ngpc has one of the hardest to see screens ever.
  2. krosfyah

    New Slot Open :(

    That being the case it seems a little odd to start a discussion in a forum about it. I've seen a few of these cancellation threads now where I can't help but wonder what the subconcious reasoning behind them was. I'm not saying it's true in this case, but sometimes it feels like there are...
  3. krosfyah

    Might Get An N900 - Worth The Cash?

    Don't get me wrong, the 3GS is a great phone (my wife has one). It's just that when I upgrade I usually want something that feels significantly different in my hand otherwise there's no excitement. My 3G has been jailbroken from the day I got it 18 months ago and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. In...
  4. krosfyah

    Might Get An N900 - Worth The Cash?

    I've been torn between a N900, 3GS and HTC HD2 for a while but I think I've finally decided to go for the N900. The 3GS just isn't different enough to my current 3G to get me excited and the HD2, as gorgeous as it is, is based on that awful OS. With current contracts being a ridiculous 24 months...
  5. krosfyah

    Portable X86 Device (Size Of Psp) To Play Ms-Dos Games Natively

    Ha no, I actually managed to get it for about half that in an auction. Had a couple issues myself, the display was stuck at 16 colours, but managed to sort it out through the bios and finding the original drivers. Glad you got yours up and running they really are quirky little things but worth...
  6. krosfyah

    Portable X86 Device (Size Of Psp) To Play Ms-Dos Games Natively

    Me too! How do you like it so far? I've been having a blast with all the great stuff from Abandonia on mine. The Soundblaster Pro compatibility was a nice little bonus I didn't know about when I got it. Running games in actual DOS is so much better than all that Dosbox nonsense. Although, I...
  7. krosfyah

    The Real Thing

    These days I seem to have a significantly shorter attention span than when I was younger, so I can't seem to get into gaming for anything longer than a few minutes at a time. I am, however, much more interested in the actual hardware itself and have been collecting retro handheld systems like a...
  8. krosfyah

    The Cases: What's Done And What's Next?

    I'll try to type whilst my palm is firmly planted on my face. Actually, sod it. I'm going to use your own philosophy to reply and just say that I was only bemused by your views until I saw that you were Australian. No doubt my irony will be soaring above some heads.. oh well.
  9. krosfyah

    Will The Emulators Be Free?

    /me watches lemmings pour out of can
  10. krosfyah

    Will The Emulators Be Free?

    Mostly all crap too, but let's not open that can of lemmings. I'm sure the other authors will continue the tradition of free emulation.
  11. krosfyah

    Wow, Over A Year Late?

    I think the problem is more to do with anticipation than anything else. Back in 2008, it was a much more impressive piece of kit and there were no thoughts of anything else coming close for a while. Whereas now, even though there still isn't anything else that comes close, just the sheer fact...
  12. krosfyah

    A Stranger In The Fog Knocks On Craig's Door

    Yeah, it would be good to hear some criticism, however minor it may be.
  13. krosfyah

    More Required Watching

    I'm totally getting my next kitchen from Vance.
  14. krosfyah

    How Long Is Reasonably Long?

    As much as it seems the team is trying to get everything perfect first time round, it would be a minor miracle if it actually happened that way. There haven't been many products in history that couldn't be improved after the public actually got their hands on them. A few thousand people using...
  15. krosfyah

    Pandora Not Powerful Enough?

    This is partly why I ended up cancelling my pre-order. I might be proven wrong but I just think that in 2010 the Pandora isn't nearly as attractive as it was in 08/09. I want to keep my options open for now in case something amazing is released later this year. Of course, if that doesn't happen...
  16. krosfyah

    Pandora Not Powerful Enough?

    I don't see this as a good comparison as the PSP is much older and less than half the price. Perhaps when the PSP2 is released later this year (and providing it can be opened for homebrew) then that will be similar in terms of emulation capability. Although, going by your basis of polgons/sec...
  17. krosfyah

    (To Craig/ed) You're All Going To Hate Me For Doing This

    Yeah. Unfortunately, the constant delays got the better of me for now. Plus I always felt a bit uncomfortable spending £300 and not knowing if it would be 'commercial' level quality. I might return for the second batch. Or I might just get a PSP2 if/when they come out this year.
  18. krosfyah

    (To Craig/ed) You're All Going To Hate Me For Doing This

    I got a reply within a few hours today so the email address is fine to use. Make that 16.
  19. krosfyah

    What's The First Film You Will Watch On The Pandora

    Gotta agree with Mr Lynch on this one :D
  20. krosfyah

    Found The Perfect Reviewer

    Leo Laporte!