Pandora Labels 2016-04-08

All labels used for the Pandora as open files

  1. EvilDragon
    All files and documents within this ZIP archive are free for any use (commercial and non-commercial).

    You can do with them whatever you want - but you have to include the original ownership of them.

    The files are owned by

    OpenPandora GmbH
    Michael Mrozek
    Schäffbräustr. 11
    85049 Ingolstadt

Recent Reviews

  1. levi
    Version: 2016-04-08
    In case anyone was confused as to what's in this file as I was, I've downloaded it to check; it's the stickers that go on the battery, the keyboard silk and the different revisions of the sticker under the battery, all in high-res loveliness.
  2. rygD
    Version: 2016-04-08
    It is wonderful that resources like this get shared.