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    Blood Gp2x

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    X-com: Ufo Defense

    Absolutely wow! Can't wait for the version with sound! I can't wait to grab my GP2X (if it still works, the d-pad/controls went boinkers some time ago :( maybe I will be able to play it though) and check it out! Seriously, this and Blood were the games that I wanted to see on GP2X most. Pity...
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    Gmenu2x 0.10 Test 1

    Any news about the Polish translation? Adding the needed characters that is...
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    Dosbox 0.72 Pre-release Info

    OMG. Any chances for Dark Forces/Blood/Ufo: Enemy Unknown support in the future? (overclocking to ~260-270) Can anyone check SWOS and Elder Scrolls Arena (and possibly the above titles)? Thank you!!!
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    Usagi Yojimbo C64

    Can anyone check if it works for him on GP2X?
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    Usagi Yojimbo C64 :) I loved it when I was a kid. The problem is that I have the rom, it starts (Vice emulator) but I can't get past the main screen with the samurai, sky and flowers. Anybody played it on GP2x?
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    Mame4all For Gp2x V1.0

    Can somebody help me with clrmame pro? I'm fighting with my Linux laptop currently (trying to set up Internet connection) and I really have no patience. I have Vendetta rom for MAME. What should I do now if I use the emu from this thread (thanks!) and Vendetta rom that is not working (it works...
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    Mame4all 1.0 For Gp2x (soon)

    Franxis, is there a chance of getting Spiderman Arcade on Gp2x? It is one of like three games I was in love in as a kid. Brings so much nostalgia flavoured memories :/
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    Mame4all 1.0 For Gp2x (soon)

    :( Vendetta doesn't work. If somebody finds a working rom, please let me know.
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    Mame4all 1.0 For Gp2x (soon)

    Yeeeeeeees. I will finally be able to play Vendetta ;) (hopefully).
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    Gmenu2x V0.9-test2

    Guys, how do I change the encoding so that I can properly save & view the polish translation, with characters like: ś,ź,ż,ó. I checked my translation file and these characters are cut out on GP2x. Which encoding should I use? Can this be fixed? Saving the file in UTF-8 doesn't help (I checked...
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    Atari St Emulator

    OK, I found a working Defender of the Crown rom (1 disc). Does anybody have a working version of Manchester?
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    Atari St Emulator

    Was anybody able to run Defender of the Crown or Manchester United by Krisalis? I'm using TOS 1.02 (US). No luck (tried both .zip and .st files). Thank you in advance. Edit: I managed to 'run' both by deleting spaces and symbols other than letters from the name of the .st file. But Defender of...
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    Mame Gems

    Certainly: Here's a youtube movie: ...and another one: One of the first beat'em up games I've played as a kid (others: D.D. Crew and TMNT).
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    Uae4allgp2x 0.8.0 Beta By Noldor

    I can't run Defender of the Crown. Can anybody please tell me what version of the ROMs does he use? I can't launch it :(