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    Keyboard Support

    Thanks for the reply - I couldn't find the thread. But I am particular looking at Amiga, Atari 800 and Atari ST emulators to have such a feature.
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    Keyboard Support

    Is there any keyboard support for the gp2x or any plans, as this for me would be the icing on the cake. As for the TV-Out - and being able to use a seperate keyboard for eg, a c64 emulator would be a dream!
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    Megadrive Rpg's

    Warsong - much like shining force\advance wars - have a go at that
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    Homebuilt Docking Stations

    All extremely good ideas. I would buy a gp2x tommorow, an entire emulation system plugged into your TV with Keyboard\Joypads as well as a handheld device.
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    Gp2psx V0.35

    If anyone can tell me how any of this games play, it will determine my purchase of a gp2x. Any ISS Pro Evolution game or ISS Deluxe Abes Exodus Warcraft 2 !!!! Pro Pinball (or any pinball game) Vagrant Story Parappa the Rapper
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    How Good Of A Gamer Are You?

    Its really dependant on the game: I play pro evo 5 regular online and have become increasingly better at it - with a long winning streaks. Though I play World Of Warcraft which I don't think I'm the best of players, though I enjoy it. Its hard to gauge how good you truly are unless you play...
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    Heart Of The Alien Redux Gp32

    How big is the file on the gp32? Damn, times like this - I wish I had a gp32 with some sort of lighting!
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    When did I compare myself? Click here for a definition -Come again...?? I do agree with this site being completely uncreative and is shameless :D . Though the cocky attitude - I'm completely unaware of. Maybe people would rather own a few pixels on a website then have an opportunity to win...
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    In all honesty its my idea - and its meant not to be taken seriously, but who truly knows. There have been 2 kids in Wiltshire who have made a million doing a similar thing but for example, buying pixels for your graphic on the website and cannot remember the other idea. But the thing is - I...
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    Mission to a million ^^ What do you reckon gals and guys?
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    Atari 800 [v0.8] For Gp2x

    I've probably forgotten loads of games, but also Ultima 1-4 is available. Leave a message here anyone if your looking for an atari 800 game. I have means of copying via my old atari to my PC etc.
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    Atari 800 [v0.8] For Gp2x

    Alternate Reality: The Dungeon - BEST RPG ever(also checkout the City) Autoduel Cytron Masters(such a good RTS - I reckons Dune nicked from this) Hacker Hard Hat Willy Masters Of The Lamp Mediator Mule Knock yourself out with these sites.
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    Not So Portable Handheld

    The best idea, I would buy a gp32x right away if this was possible. Then again I should do anyway to pledge my support.
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    First Edition Vs Recent Release Gp2x Question

    Its quite amusing how members on here claim to know everything gp32x, then realise they are incorrect. Don't act like a cunt and play nice, it does seem a little elitist at times.
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    GP2X Amiga Emu

    Pretty sure those 2 are on Atari ST. I disagree with the best games not existing on the Atari ST:- BAT Dungeon Master Populous Powermonger Kick Off 2 Midwinter Stunt Car Racer Mean Streets Battlemaster need I go on?