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    Rs-232 Devices Connecting

    UART just means universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter. It means nothing about the actual physical form of the data or the voltage levels used for such, so just saying "UART" is useless. RS232 on the other hand is a full electrical specification. Never try to connect two devices unless...
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    Opt Should Sell Op To Someone With Enough Financial Leverage

    I think of like this: There is no perfect device. Android I think is excellent as a phone OS and can beat iPhone quite easily for everything apart from the number of Apps (suprising considering Apples insane developer environment). However, I would never use a phone to emulate Amiga, SNES, etc...
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    Is The Pandora Patented ?

    I think we all can agree that the Pandora is really a niche market. No one is going to copy or try to better the Pandora just to sell a few thousand units. They'll want to sell millions. (Craig then goes on to become the UK's 10th biggest company, with a market value of $38 billion...)
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    Is The Pandora Patented ?

    From the link you posted, point 1: "A person shall be entitled to a patent unless: the invention was known or used by others in this country or described in a printed publication in this or a foreign country", so it's the same as the UK. If people know about it (News posting, advertisement...
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    Is The Pandora Patented ?

    You can't patent anything that is already public. You have to apply before making the device public. The only thing you can do is say the logo is a trademark of OpenPandora, but even that is iffy as it's so close to some other trademarks.
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    Faulty Nub....

    You do realise that the one-nubbers are a limited edition? ;) There is thread specially for one-nubbers
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    Still No Real Pandoras On

    No one puts raw photos of actual devices on there websites (apart from maybe some resellers). It's a marketing thing, you make the device look as good as possible. If this means using renders then do it. If people want to see actual photos they'll watch some unboxing video or an independant...
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    Think It Would Be Possible To Run World Of Warcraft

    Think about it seriously: The only way it would ever happen, even in a limited form, would be commercial. At the moment there are ~4000 units. Even after the second batch, it's not even worth starting development for that amount of units. Maybe on the 25th batch it might be worth doing, but even...
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    Ups Tracking On Airmail?

    It just means that the paperwork (typically electronic) has been accepted and the sender has been given a tracking number, but the actual parcel may not have been picked up or delivered to a UPS depo yet, depending on when the paperwork was accepted (eg. you could get a tracking number at 3am...
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    T-Mobile Pulse Android

    If you are happy to pay the transaction fees, I'd be happy to post it. I believe Paypal charge 3.9% + 20p (Source), so it would be £5 for a total of £130. Or IBT, which would charge £6 for sterling transfers and £8 for foreign. Suprisingly, Paypal is actually cheaper. Wow.
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    T-Mobile Pulse Android

    OS2.1, Unlocked. 1 month use. £115. You'll need to provide your own SIM. I'm listing it here because you can get a fair amount of emu's and the like for Android :) Sold to Gruso!
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    The Faces Behind The Pandora

    I'm not posting a picture of me. I've just looked at a couple and I shocked myself. I don't look good on photos (actually, I don't look good at all!)
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    Read This First Before Hacking/Modifying your Pandora

    You can drill holes for air venting and void the warranty too. For example, perhaps when you drill a hole you didn't remove the PCB first and shorted out some tracks. Or perhaps your new ventilation causes dust buildup inside which causes a malfunction that wouldn't happen if the holes were...
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    Get the source code to the kernel, update it to the version required by 2.1, recompile. Hope that the drivers will still work (these are normally closed source), combine the rest from the 2.1 SDK and build your own OS. If you don't have the source code, your going to have great fun, and...
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    I've played with a 300Mhz Android-based tablet that was about $60. The touchscreen was utter crap, but otherwise, for general web sites, email and simple puzzle games, it was fine. It's unlikely that your going to be playing games like Crysis on it, so it's doesn't need to be that powerful...