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    Check this "quite good" Caanoo downloads page for a fully working Caanoo MAME4ALL rom collection in 3 zips. Removed There are about 1000 there. I should have leaked this sooner, but kept forgetting. Have fun!
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    Really Considering Buying A Dingoo A320

    Ok well - I was answering the hyped-up arguments in the given thread, that Surkow pointed me to. The thing about "support" is always an issue of open-source handheld development I guess. If you can explain the problem with licensing software I'd be happy. But regarding a majority of the end...
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    Really Considering Buying A Dingoo A320

    Well, to be fair dingoo digital aren't doing anything 100% wrong against anyone... You could insist that they are "making a buck" from the development scene (which is not them - they only produced the hardware and SDKs) by supplying emulators and software pre-installed. I admit, as being...
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    Really Considering Buying A Dingoo A320

    Don't forget the A380 has just been released! I'm buying myself a A380 for christmas which has widescreen, wifi gamepad support (you can get the gamepads in a bundle very cheap) more reliable TV-Out and is faster than the A320. You have to order from china apart from a few very small...
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    Bennu Tutorial

    Try the good old Bennuwiki, if you want documentation. It gives detailed instructions for many functions with some examples. There is a great page for Setting up Bennu on Linux.
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    Hero: The Realm (Demo V2)

    I honestly don't know when it will all be finished, I've been more busy lately. Can anyone test it using TV-Out? I know the v1 demo did not output the signal correctly, but I've changed a few things.
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    Hero: The Realm (Demo V2)

    I am rarely, Kayuz. Having any luck porting recently?
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    Hero: The Realm (Demo V2)

    "The Realm was once peaceful. But the Dark One is turning the creature inhabitants into rabid monsters, who turn on the humans. As the King's first knight you are sent on a quest to rid the land of the evil plague. The Dark One's minions will try and stop you at every turn." The full game is...
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    So Why Did I Buy This Caanoo Again?

    I'm amazed this blindsyde84 got any helpful replies at all. He expects we try and make him feel better for his own disappointment of the Caanoo? Sure, he made a kind of apology, he's still just plain insulting. Well, that's not true for a start. We don't get many people on this board quite as...
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    Hero: The Realm (Demo Available)

    I have no idea now how long it may be before I have all the levels finished, I'm just very busy. Only I may release a demo v2 in light of the flaws in the first demo, plus some game improvements I won't mention yet.
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    Usb-Ethernet With Stock Usb Cable

    Good request, I totally agree. This thread is mighty confusing to anyone who hasn't delved into such problems before. [edit] If you are here to make something work for the 1.6.1 firmware.. I think I don't find the 1.6.1 firmware useful at all! Try not updating for now.
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    #caanoo On Irc Efnet Volunteers Needed For Ops

    After a bit of talk on this board, and some discussion in #gp2xdev we have begun an irc channel #caanoo on EFNet. We are currently looking for volunteers as steady ops to help run the channel. It would be very beneficial to the community! If you think you can help as ops (or want to...
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    Just Got My Caanoo

    If you would like to join an IRC channel, there is a list of the gp2x irc channels here: Currently no #caanoo channel, but if needed I would put one up. I'm a moderator in an IRC channel already, so I know a few things, does anyone want to help... What...
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    Hero: The Realm (Demo Available)

    Well my control map is always in the instruction sheet! (I realise some people may skim it) Out my own decision making X button will always be the main action or selection button. It just seems more natural to me, and don't most caanoo softwares use X as the Yes button anyway? I think people...
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    How Long Until We See Uae4All? (Amiga Emulator)

    Oh oh. Sorry to make you think that Reesy. Thanks for the explanation Akabei. So our solution is to only allocate as many disk drives as you need for the game you are playing :) which is just the way it is...